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Two Javelins and Ice

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One in a field

The other being rubbed down

The Museum and the Bar

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Blocked in Germany

Monetised elsewhere

Tank Museum Bovington – May 2015

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And guess who left his SLR in the Premier Inn.

IMG_8596   IMG_8573
View from the car park.   And they expect children.
IMG_8511   IMG_8519
Target practice.   Chieftain, sort of gate guardian.
IMG_8524   IMG_8581
T-62.   A22 Churchill Mark II.
IMG_8584   IMG_8588
Centurion in cover.   And from the front.
IMG_8525   IMG_8570
Turrets.   Challenger Prototype.
IMG_8529   IMG_8541


  Tiger II
IMG_8548   IMG_8551
Challenger 2 V5 Prototype.   T-62
IMG_8558   IMG_8563
T-72   Chieftain
IMG_8562   IMG_8545
Leopard I   Centurion
IMG_8536   IMG_8534
Challenger 1 MBT Mark 3   Swedish Centurion

Imperial War Museum 2014

14/11/2014 2 comments

It was raining

Photo 14-11-2014 09 54 04   Photo 14-11-2014 09 55 02
15 inch Guns and a stormy sky.   Die Mauer.
IMG_5278   IMG_5282
Harrier.   V1.
IMG_5289   IMG_5292
T34-85.   88.
IMG_5301   IMG_5305
Sherman.   Little Boy.
IMG_5309   IMG_5316
Ikara.   Argentina v UK.
IMG_5318   IMG_5303
MM38 Exocet.   Blue Steel replica.

And the museum has been refurbished

Army Aviation Museum Video

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It wasn’t a runway

But it was a good museum

Handley-Page Victor K.2 XL231

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aka Lusty Lindy at The Yorkshire Air Museum – Elvington

IMG_3943   IMG_3944
She moves under her own steam.   History, click on picture to enlarge.
IMG_3896   IMG_3897
IMG_3904   IMG_3910
IMG_3915   IMG_3916
IMG_3918   IMG_3924
IMG_3940   IMG_3945
IMG_3948   IMG_3960
IMG_4018   IMG_4020
IMG_4025   IMG_4030
IMG_4031   IMG_4033
IMG_4066   IMG_4069
IMG_4225   IMG_4055

Aeroventure Doncaster

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Sunday 06 July 2014

IMG_3734   IMG_3735
Walking distance.   So I walked.
IMG_3738   IMG_3739
Of course.   And there.
IMG_3870   IMG_3868
Close up.   Entrance and Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle.
IMG_3746   IMG_3768
Harrier GR3 – XV752.   Looking rather sad XL388 – ‘Mayflower III’.
IMG_3778   IMG_3797
A triplet of Canberras – WD935, WJ975 & WJ565.   WESTLAND SCOUT AH.1 – XV139.
IMG_3798   IMG_3799
IMG_3809   IMG_3811
Red Top – trainer.   Red Top – warhead.
IMG_3812   IMG_3823
Ejection seats.   Rolls Royce Conway.
IMG_3839   IMG_3838
Sea King H.A.S. MK 6 XV677.   Nose art.
IMG_3856   IMG_3847
It’s OK it’s a cockpit trainer.   Lightning F3 – XP706.
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