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Only Slightly French

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And Sorrows

1500 and Good

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1500 Untappd Uniques

It was fun getting there

Garden – February 2016

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It has stopped raining

But the chitting is unaffected

Tray Inside

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A rainy Monday in Newport

Chips to the rescue

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 06 February 2016

Position Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Bacuna-Mata-Ta  Gareth Yeo  70 1,412
2 Klump City  colin liston  29 1,312
3 Unstoppable  Dean Parry  30 1,308
4 Saunders Valve  Dale Parker  27 1,290
5 Flamingo FC  Scott Whittingham  24 1,284
6 Watchuself  Mark Begley  39 1,260
7 Vidre Dubrovnika!  Chris Bailey  27 1,243
8 Ajax Spray & Wipe  Dave Birmingham  25 1,242
9 Max’s Millions  Carl Price  35 1,241
10 Little Troopers  Leslie Withers  45 1,239
11 BSD City  Roger Nash  30 1,218
12 Pancho Villa  Howard Whittingham  36 1,190
13 Echo XI  Steve Lane  54 1,189
14 Spartak Danzak  danny wyman  21 1,127
15 Bottom but one  craig price  26 1,118
16 Olding On  Tyrone Olding  14 1,019
17 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  36 990
18 Gabalfa Rangers  Russell Calderwood  15 935

Rainy Helicopter Day Video

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Even with all the weather

It was a great day out

Rainy Helicopter Day

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The February 2016 mini beano. A yellow Met Office warning for wind and rain. Asda Full English where it’s scrambled egg. Costa Coffee to watch the rain and a very friendly welcome from the International Helicopter Museum.

IMG_7425   IMG_7424
Looking down the main hall from the entrance.   Mostly Lynxes.
IMG_7376   IMG_7369
TOW launch tubes on a Lynx 3.   Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR.Mk.5
IMG_7365   IMG_7374
Westland Wasp HAS.Mk.1   Mil Mi-8PS.
IMG_7382   IMG_7380
East German NVA Mil Mi-24D "Hind"   With a Mil Mi-4 "Hound" in the background.
IMG_7390   IMG_7397
IMG_7404   IMG_7411
Westland Wessex HAS Mk.3 XM328.   And its’ Dunking Sonar.
IMG_7413   IMG_7421
Bell UH-1H Iroquois    

Link to their site –

The World's Largest Helicopter Museum
The World’s Largest Helicopter Museum

Music This Month – January 2016

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Life On Mars – David Bowie
Hotel California – Eagles
A Light In The Black – Rainbow
Fanfair For The Common Man – ELP
Light Up The Sky – Van Halen
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming – Deep Purple

January 2016

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The month of:-

Fried Bread
2 years in the rain
Tanks in the rain
Flooded roads
Prime speed
More food for Derek
Birthday in the rain
Bowie dies
15 and ready
Extra power x 4
And then there were two
Twitter Whales
And back to 7
T-shirts across the pond with snow
A fiver is not enough
A touch more rain
Lidl every so often


Coming in February 2016

More Helicopters and free rooms

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