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Nearly 4K

10/02/2019 Leave a comment

A Wet Winter Monday in Newport



Cheaper Fine Ales all around

Changing Chip Shops

29/01/2019 1 comment

In a word




Pre Christmas Newport

25/12/2018 Leave a comment

Twas the day before Christmas



And it didn’t rain (much)

Nearly Christmas

09/12/2018 Leave a comment

It rained

And this video is banned a Thailand (copyright)

A Rainbow

13/11/2018 1 comment

Blocked in 11 countries

Irony alert

November Ice Bucket

04/11/2018 Leave a comment

The fridge was for display only

The Polly needed an Ice Bucket


08/10/2018 Leave a comment

A Monday emergency beano

And my 3T goes to Oreo

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