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May 2009

31/05/2009 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Videoing festivals

Earthing up like the wind

Quality EasyJet sandwiches

Belgium in Palma

Claiming everything


Cold, wet & windy

2GB Eee PC

Tomato & Pepper planting

Angels & Demons

Speaker goes

Curry sausage

Big Dave & Rob

Runner beans, cucumbers & lettuce



Coming in June

Palm Pre


Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival



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Ernest Willows – Naylor’s Original

25/05/2009 Leave a comment

Pleasant and drinkable

Still no rain



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Angels & Demons

17/05/2009 Leave a comment

Top quality Sunday afternoon stuff.  Rather long but never boring.  Sorry Dr Mark, you were wrong.  “A” minus for me.


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Mid May 2009 – Garden

16/05/2009 Leave a comment

What happens to your garden when you go away on holiday

To wet to mow


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Palma May 09 – Day 09 – The Journey Home

16/05/2009 Leave a comment

Spotting rain at PMI

Single queue please?


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Palma May 09 – Day 08 – Pictures at 23:00

14/05/2009 Leave a comment


As a send off



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Palma May 09 – Day 08 – The last Wrap

14/05/2009 Leave a comment

Indoors due to raininess

From H.264



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