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Marston’s Pedegree

26/07/2009 Leave a comment
The limited edition England v Australia 2009. At £1.49 in Wetherspoons, an absolute winner.

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More Welsh Cider

25/07/2009 Leave a comment

Tiddly review

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First Post From My iPhone

21/07/2009 Leave a comment
Just testing Blogpress to see if it realy does allow you to post from the iPhone.

This picture is a rare non rainy view of my tomatoes and peppers.

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It’s all in the garden

15/07/2009 Leave a comment

Mid July mutterings

Small, red & wonderful


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Magners Pear Cider Perry

11/07/2009 Leave a comment

Or Perry as it should be known

Apples are better but very drinkable

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Plant it – Eat It

07/07/2009 Leave a comment

Summer onions, planted September 08, eaten July 09

Not quite raining


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