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April 2019

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The month of:-

Change of command
Ponty sleet on the 2nd
Goodbye G+ my friend
And then there was snow
Minus 1
3K uniques
Mini 5
Earlies in
Digging finished and planting starting
E71 button
Penarth Cellar
218 Play
The ending of Orange
The dates are wrong but not Sherbet related
My first Android Pie
The Pelican
Earthing up begins
Straight to 4.5
Bedwas the capital of flooding

Coming in May 2019

Another Hereford, this time with blogging
Bristol 2019 Part 02

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Garden – April 2019

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All the Potatoes are in



And the bags are being earthed up

Now Blogging

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Storm Hannah



And issues with .heic files

Storm Hannah Haircut

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Storm Hannah rolled in overnight into Saturday 27 April 2019. We had had a severe wind warning from The Met Office, so I though it would be best to get an emergency haircut else we hair would blow around. Anyway it was rather damp and blowy at the bus stop.



It may look nice but I think that’s just the camera on the iPhone. It was rather chilly I can tell you.


Standard Bacon Roll and medium Cappuccino at Costa Coffee soon sorted that out.  And on Saturdays Just Men (ladies accepted also) opens about 07:45. First in first out.


Missed the 50 to Newport by two minutes but as they are every fifteen minutes it wasn’t too bad. Strangely I was the only one on the bus all the way to Newport.


First stop was the Queens Hotel but as the only real guest ale was Son of a Bitch by Bull Mastiff, I walked in and straight back out. Plan B was The John Wallace Linton around the corner.  A pint of JHB by Oakham Ales with 50p off from a CAMRA voucher.


Moving on to the Pen and Wig on Stow Hill opposite a Church and it’s packed at 10:10 despite opening at 10:00


My first tasting from Team Toxic, Gazza and Sue and it’s a good ‘un. Same it was in a Brains glass.



Another pint, this time from Cold Black Label aka Brecon Brewing and it’s on to The Harbour Fish Bar for a tray of Chips. By the way it’s nowhere a Harbour and if it’s close to anything it’s Newport Railway Station. Best Chips in Newport by the way.




By the way the way in Newport is better now. Post Chips visit to The Tiny Rebel Bar Newport.  In to the corner next to the power sockets. It was rather full in there.





And that was me done for another Saturday.

#mb07 – Day 03

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The Final Wrap



With some tech thoughts too

Traditional Yet Complex

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I like my Pubs



Just like I like my Beers

Dream Team: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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The Premier League and Sun updates for 20 April 2019

Rank Team & Manager GW Score Total Points
1  same It’s Raining Mendy 41 2082
Gareth Yeo 
2  same Ponty Bloooobirds 31 1951
Tyrone Olding 
3  same Numero NuNo 48 1950
Scott Whittingham 
4  same AY WE 21 1877
Howard Whittingham 
5  up CHANGE NAME 29 1829
Richard Culliford 
6  down Cardiff bluebirds 18 1827
Dean Parry 
7  same Marching on Together 39 1825
Ian Page 
8  same Sorachi Aces 15 1789
Roger Nash 
9  same Rhysx1 13 1759
Rhys Linton 
10  up Klump City 21 1745
colin liston 
11  down Destroyer 12 1743
Harri linton 
12  same Saunders Valve 35 1742
Dale Parker 
13  same Occam’s XI 26 1725
Mark Begley 
14  same FANTASYLAND 23 1676
15  up Niamhyson 35 1602
Niamhy Coveney 
16  down Vidre Dubrovnika! 25 1597
Chris Bailey 
17  same FC Grithoppers 23 1588
Colin Davies 
18  same JudysLast11 23 1579
Judith Miller 
19  same Another Picnic… 25 1551
Craig Price 
20  same Tomos’ Tigers 14 1528
Colin Davies 

Pos Team Total Points
1 Dyf wont win 2086
Dyfan Thomas
2 Ponty Bloooobirds 2005
Ty Olding
3 JudysLast11 1856
Judith Miller
4 FC Gresford Grithoppers 1781
Colin Davies
5 ColCorp Rangers 1680
Roger Nash
6 Normski 1668
Andrew Norman
7 Little Black Hen 1667
Andrew Norman
8 Tomos’ Tigers 1666
Colin Davies
9 I Should Stick To Rugby 1661
David Morgan
10 I WILL Beat My Dad This Time 1642
Millie Morgan
11 Marching on Together 1584
Ian Page
12 Jacks Army 1563
Chris White
13 SMILLER11 1530
Steve Miller

The Missing Beers Video

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But not to fear



They are all on Untappd

The #mb07 Day 01 Wrap

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The good journey



And the Evenbrite correction

In The End I Was Right

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Mixed up dates



It was all down to a Wedding

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