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In a little drizzle

IMG_3393   IMG_3407
Canberra   Blue Steel
IMG_3408   IMG_3421
Vulcan B2   Argosy
IMG_3425   IMG_3464
Sea Hawk   USAF F4C
IMG_3458   IMG_3476
Sea Harrier FA2   Lightning F6


But well worth a revisit.

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Victor Instead of Vulcan

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And you could have a look inside

IMG_3322   IMG_3328
Super Guppy   Buccaneer
IMG_3339   IMG_3341
Victor – Different nose art – port   And starboard
IMG_3359   IMG_3353
Nimrod   Nimrod bomb bay
IMG_3383   IMG_3382
Victor Cockpit door   Victor Cockpit


Map picture


It drizzled a bit

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So cows, a wedding and free photos

IMG_3305 Stitch


IMG_3308   IMG_3309
Horse and Hounds – Oadby   Around the side
IMG_3311   IMG_3312
Not yet open   New friends

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A No Echo Day In The Bevan

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With Ham


And Cider

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