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Gas Issues

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It’s a look way

To find out it’s closed

Point Up

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Frosty, cold

And some toast

Atomium–Brussels November 2013

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Head to the North of Brussels

IMG_1645   IMG_1637
Part of the 1958 Expo for which the Atomium was built.   First view from the Metro station.
IMG_1642   IMG_1646
IMG_1654   IMG_1656
IMG_1657   IMG_1668
IMG_1665   IMG_1675


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A curry

And a pre festive pint or two

Two Bars in Ostend

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Cafe Bottle and Cafe Manuscript

IMG_1575   IMG_1582
Cafe Bottle.   And inside.
IMG_6660   IMG_6662
La Chouffe – 8.0% ABV.   Oerbier – 9.0% ABV.
IMG_6672   IMG_6679
Keyte Oostendse Dobbel Tripel 9.2% ABV.   Dikke Mathile – 6.0% ABV
IMG_8033   IMG_8034
Cafe Manuscript.   Draught Beer.
IMG_6683   IMG_8036
Bottled Beer.   Central heating.
IMG_6685   IMG_6687
Wolf 8 – 8.5% ABV.   Gueuze Fond Tradition – 5.0% ABV.
IMG_6689   IMG_6690
Authentic local food.   Belgian’s do chocolate too – Gare du Midi.

Big Orange Flemish Things

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A little trip down to the seaside – 08 November 2013

IMG_6651   IMG_1500
Gare du Midi – Brussels.   As it says.
IMG_1502   IMG_1505
My locomotive as it were.   They like bikes here.
IMG_1506   IMG_1519
The front of the station.   Not actually floating.
IMG_1522   IMG_1526
The Cathedral.   Along the harbour side.
IMG_1527   IMG_1530
Multilingual Seagulls.   No comment.
IMG_1533   IMG_1542
Not sure.   Water feature.
IMG_1543   IMG_1548
IMG_1550   IMG_1552
    Orange things.
IMG_1566   IMG_1568
Actually steel.    
IMG_1570   IMG_1571
Spanish Inn?   Bandstand.

Maybe a Half?

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A week on from Belgium

And it’s the cheapest Christmas lunch search

Things Change

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Different Colour Paint

And Christmas lunches

Trains and Stations

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Back home

From misty to damp

Probably The Best Place

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My last full day.

Bit wet.

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