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Velvet Owl

22/04/2018 Leave a comment

From the Ashes of Lines

The Owl magnificently rises

Penarth The Day before Summer

22/04/2018 Leave a comment

However Bragdy Twt Lol

And some Hopcraft

Polycarbonate Fans

15/04/2018 Leave a comment

Football issues

However Bacon Roll

Short but with Rain

08/04/2018 Leave a comment


And wet

The Fake Flower Day

08/04/2018 Leave a comment

The Gatekeeper in Cardiff

Great Bacon sandwiches and Fake Bar Flowers

The Thursday without Curry

08/04/2018 Leave a comment

Don’t worry

Put right on Saturday

And a plan for the next visit

02/04/2018 Leave a comment

On a quiet Sunday afternoon

It all comes together

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