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European One Again

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Grey but sunny

Dry but freezing

Cold Good Friday

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Easter in March

Easter in Penarth

IWM Duxford–American Air Museum

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“Located at Duxford, England, the American Air Museum in Britain stands as a memorial to almost 30,000 U.S. Airmen who gave their lives flying from British shores in World War II in the defence of democracy and freedom”.

IMG_7342   IMG_7346
Designed by Norman Forster   The entrance to the rear
IMG_7347   IMG_7353
F-4J Phantom II   F-100 and tail of F-4J Phantom II
IMG_7357   IMG_7370
SR-71   B-17G minus chin mount fairing
IMG_7371   IMG_7373
C-47   P-51D
IMG_7375   IMG_7377
B-24M   Section of “Super Gun” – made in Britain
IMG_7408   IMG_7386
F-111E   Scud-B
IMG_7393   IMG_7395
SA-2 Guideline   U2
IMG_7392   IMG_7416
B-52D Tail Mount   And looking into the cockpit
IMG_7365   IMG_7412
Avenger   Rear of A-10 Thunderbolt 2

IWM Duxford–Around The Runway

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All along the runway

IMG_7322   IMG_7325
The layout   Junkers Ju 52
IMG_7326   IMG_7328
A rather green BAC One-Eleven   Bloodhound Mk II
IMG_7334   IMG_7335
VC-10 rear   VC-10 side
IMG_7338   IMG_7345
McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle   Würzburg radar
IMG_7339   IMG_7336
Gibraltar 9.2 inch Coastal Defence Gun Mk X   British commercial flight line

In a chill March wind

Old Timers In The Rain

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You know the drill

Wetherspoons in Caerphilly and Pontypridd

IWM – Duxford

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The last day

And still flurries of snow

Dream Team Updates–Thursday 14 March 2013

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For the night of Wednesday 13 March 2013

Position Team Manager Points
1 Save the Bale Paul Jones 1637
2 JP United Jennifer Price 1556
3 max’s millions Carl Price 1528
4 Water Boys Daniel Roberts 1512
5 Redbirds Sarah Jones 1473
6 Saunders Valve Dale Parker 1453
7 Elite 11 Michael Roberts 1402
8 Dynamo Divers adam lewis 1352
9 Malky’s Blue and Red Robin Gibbs 1344
10 LENNOX 101207 neil page 1314
11 Talwg United Barrie Niblett 1289
12 Sharkys Dream Team Mark Jones 1279
13 Hutchys hammers Lee Hutchings 1277
14 Evs11 Richard Evans 1265
15 The Glory Boys Mark Lonney 1264
16 Sassy’s Boys Sarah Pritchard 1252
17 Brents boys Brent Parry 1251
18 Gabalfa Rangers Russell Calderwood 1250
19 Living Liberty Loca Joanne Jones 1247
20 Tanauan terriers brian mills 1245
21 craigy cavaliers Craig Holley 1236
22 Open Source Stars Roger Nash 1234
23 Bluebirds in Red Neil Lintern 1227
24 Olympic United Mike Simonson 1219
25 He Who Dares Wins Matthew Hoskins 1213
26 Alabang athletic brian mills 1212
27 Marching On Together Ian Page 1211
28 HQdlaty Magdalena Walczak 1159
29 The Price is right Gareth Price 1144
30 UPANDWIN Chris Vardon 1121
31 little troopers leslie withers 1097
32 whisky boys david malatynski 1072
33 Matthews Marvels Jane Williams 1045
34 Willmott’s Warriors Andrew Willmott 996
35 Victory Victoria Page 948
36 liams team liam page 861
37 Blackwood Bluebirds Alec Withers 859
38 FRANNYS BOYS frances page 839
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