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Music This Month – March 2013

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What I’m listening to:-

Dream a little dream of me – Mamas and Papas
One of these days – Ten Years After
I want you to want me (live) – Cheap Trick
Mystery train (live) – UFO
View from a bridge – Kim Wilde
One of these days – Pink Floyd

March 2013

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The month of:-

Be becomes Sky
New but Old
More notes
Half a cake
All I can eat
All three
Blue thumb and snow
Snow and road closure
Charge battery and same price coffee
Expensive and a county full of roundabouts
Reader dies
Sunny home
Tumble from 09:00
F1’s back
St Albans and puncture
1p off a pint
The Willows and price rises
Gifting plus
Still freezing
Mowed lawn

Coming in April 2013

More coldness

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European One Again

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Grey but sunny

Dry but freezing

Cold Good Friday

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Easter in March

Easter in Penarth

IWM Duxford–American Air Museum

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“Located at Duxford, England, the American Air Museum in Britain stands as a memorial to almost 30,000 U.S. Airmen who gave their lives flying from British shores in World War II in the defence of democracy and freedom”.

IMG_7342   IMG_7346
Designed by Norman Forster   The entrance to the rear
IMG_7347   IMG_7353
F-4J Phantom II   F-100 and tail of F-4J Phantom II
IMG_7357   IMG_7370
SR-71   B-17G minus chin mount fairing
IMG_7371   IMG_7373
C-47   P-51D
IMG_7375   IMG_7377
B-24M   Section of “Super Gun” – made in Britain
IMG_7408   IMG_7386
F-111E   Scud-B
IMG_7393   IMG_7395
SA-2 Guideline   U2
IMG_7392   IMG_7416
B-52D Tail Mount   And looking into the cockpit
IMG_7365   IMG_7412
Avenger   Rear of A-10 Thunderbolt 2

IWM Duxford–Around The Runway

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All along the runway

IMG_7322   IMG_7325
The layout   Junkers Ju 52
IMG_7326   IMG_7328
A rather green BAC One-Eleven   Bloodhound Mk II
IMG_7334   IMG_7335
VC-10 rear   VC-10 side
IMG_7338   IMG_7345
McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle   Würzburg radar
IMG_7339   IMG_7336
Gibraltar 9.2 inch Coastal Defence Gun Mk X   British commercial flight line

In a chill March wind

Old Timers In The Rain

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You know the drill

Wetherspoons in Caerphilly and Pontypridd

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