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August 2022

01/09/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Tech Support Detail
6A to June
34GB to Amsterdam
9p on a Guest Ale
Still cancelling buses
Dream Teams are back
Amber Heat warning ahead
Patch Tuesday and another 6A update
Service and MOT
Minor Bushes and Springs
The Rain
Up and Down overnight Internet
Post MOT car work
LolFfest 11
Luma Fusion x 4
Scotch Eggs but no Vinegar
Royalty Free Music
Post MOT work
False Autumn
Teeth in Banana
Finally Red Tomatoes
Gas evacuation

Coming in September 2022

Apple Far Out
Oktoberfest in Gloucester

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July 2022

31/07/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Posting Megan
Planting things
The Drought is back
2 x resignations
Gone but not Gone
Ordering M2
Melty no bus
Amber Weather Warning ahead
Cheaper Tesco
6 or 6a?
Apple take the money
Starting Amber
Been worse
PACing Three
Arriving early
Much earlier
Posting back
It’s the wrong day Argos
6a and Amazon
Wet Weekend

Coming in August 2022

Service & MOT

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June 2022

30/06/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Sunny Jubilee Double Bank Holiday
Still planting
Hotels need faster WiFi
The bridge was up
WWDC 2022
Going Smarty
New Chromebook
Reseeding and planting out
Office closed
MiFi transfer and Woes
40 Years
Planting out Tomatoes
More Planting and Planting out
Transfer MiFi SIM
Longest Day
Train Strike
More work Rhona
LolFfest X
Lapsed Domain
Cracking Casablanca Chips
118.9 Full Tank

Coming in July 2022

Tiny Birthday
Air M2
Pixel 6a

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May 2022

31/05/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

#mb06 continued
Gentle Hereford rain
German Lager Tasting
Synology Down
Council Tax Rebate
Tomatoes & Cucumbers in, Radish out
Carrots in the Onions
iPod Touch discontinued
And ordered one before they sell out
6a announced
Come get it
Play: Save Videos Watch Later
Apple Updates Again
The Great Overcast Outage
Scaredy Cats
iPod Touch 7 setup
Umbrel reboot
Cake arrives
Lots of local samplers
Still planting

Coming in June 2022

Double Bank Holiday
Hereford & Gloucester
LolFfest X

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April 2022

30/04/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A double frosty start
Brew Monster Taphouse
Audio Hijack V 4.0
Planting Strawberries
Blue Harvest
WWDC announced
Driver availability
First sign of Casablanca
Flat battery, engine warning light
Malvern get the lion’s share
Maundy Thursday half day planting
Good Friday diag
More Saturday Bus disruption
Easter digging and planting
Easter Tech Support
Cancel ATV+
All the Desiree are in
Blades, pressure and screen wash
Elon buys Twitter
New AirTag Firmware

Coming in May 2022

Google IO

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March 2022

01/04/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

St David’s Day Spoons Price Increases
TV License
Stroud Brewery
CAMRA voucher
Peek Performance
Brown Paper Bag
The First Day
Heating off
Building Umbrel
Apple Updates all it’s Software again
Spring properly
Algo and Bitcoin
Potatoes, Radish, Spring Onions and Lemon Basil
Mixed Lettuce Leaves
Emergency Beano
The Norris
Spring Statement
Masks off from Monday
Big Cold
More sets
The Andromeda Strain
The Great Wetherspoons Salt Shortage
The non start of the Wetherspoons Beer Festival
5G at home

Coming in April 2022

Hereford Beer House

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February 2022

01/03/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A New Microwave but not at 22:00
Another 18 months
Everything Up
Revised Beano
One too many
Kidderminster Beer Emporium
The Joy that is OneDrive
DU Meter
Dudley a dud in the LRV
Same day wiper blade
New Cans
Red Eunice
Yellow Franklin
Watch Strap
War in Ukraine
20p on Chips
Blue / Purple Beer
Mow Lawn
Patch Lawn
Plant Lemon Basil and Spring Onions
Liz Truss

Coming in March 2022

Another Year
App subs month

January 2022

01/02/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Mild and Wet
Tenner on the lottery
Boiler high tech
WRU issues
Turns ankle
Biggest Tweet reads ever
New Bubbs
Political Parties
He stays
Foggy return
AirTag 3
Bagged Potatoes
Prep for Chitting
Actual Chitting
More Apple updates
Alert Level Zero
Failed Microwave
Sue Gray

Coming in February 2022

Mostly The Pelican

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December 2021

01/01/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Eaten twice
Tesco Top
Lazy Plumbing
Clubcard Christmas
2 x texts and a bus ride
Sore arm
Hut on the Moon
Order iPhone
First Mince Pie of the season
Plan B
Masks are guidance
In Treforest
Now with UWB
Invasion / Expanse
5G outside Poundland
Up Close and Personal
Even worse at this time of year
Wither Welsh Sport
Fined for working
Level 2 Pubs
Beryl and WiFi plugs
Streaming Christmas
Family and Pickled Onions
50 on the sidelines, 150 in the Club
Bristol Hilton?

Coming in January 2022

CES 2022
New Hereford BeerHouse?

November 2021

01/12/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Compost & Summer Onions
TVoS 15.1.1
Contact Eye Test
FilmicPro tester
Hole fix day
The end of my Peppers
Autumn Colours
Spoons Festive Menu
Trimmed up work desk
FilmicPro fixed
Bedwas trimmed up
Booster in December
The last mow of the year
Santa Jogging
Stubbed toe
Storm Arwen
Little red bars

Coming in December 2021


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