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June 2019

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The month of:-

More blogging
Swindon Conference
The Butterfly Collector
Starting the Overcast shift
Chromebook Linux
DPD Fail
Podcasts go Overcast
Aux over Bluetooth
New Smock
Out Here to EE
Custom T-shirt
Google Cal outage
#mb10 Guard Strike and 07:00
Twisted Ankle
Meeting Tickers
Sunny Weymouth
£2.50 Monday Cask
Tyres, tracking and sight
After The Harvest
Ludlow Brewing
Hottest Hereford
New Premier League Dream Team

Coming in July 2019

Pipes Open Day

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May 2019

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The month of:-
Bath by Train
End of a Classic Part 01
Auto Swarm Calendar Add is back
#mb08 2019
Gordon Bennett
New Strawberries
Google IO
All gone 3a
Planting week
Bern leaves
3a and Home Hub
Gone Waze
Summer planting
Eating Mushrooms
Grumpy Cat passes
Video and Spillage
Mrs May resigns
Half a King Street
Korean Dip
Sour Sunday
1080p Penarth
4K Newport

Coming in June 2019

More Dorchester
More Hereford

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April 2019

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The month of:-

Change of command
Ponty sleet on the 2nd
Goodbye G+ my friend
And then there was snow
Minus 1
3K uniques
Mini 5
Earlies in
Digging finished and planting starting
E71 button
Penarth Cellar
218 Play
The ending of Orange
The dates are wrong but not Sherbet related
My first Android Pie
The Pelican
Earthing up begins
Straight to 4.5
Bedwas the capital of flooding

Coming in May 2019

Another Hereford, this time with blogging
Bristol 2019 Part 02

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March 2019

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The month of:-

St David’s Day and Welsh Rock Band Challenge
The late Storm Freya
Hail like snow day
#mb05 – The return to Worcester
Jessie and The Hop Lords
Google Birthday
IFTTT, Check in and Google Calendar Chaos
Still the same
The Wonky Bar’s sign is Wonky
Planning a Special Guest
Turning off
Faster Beano Time
Lunch time iPad launch
Mushrooms and Cutter Block
February weather, digging and mowing
Migrate to transcoding?
Apple announce really nothing for the UK
iOS 12.2
Spoons Spring Beer Festival starts
Infuse 6
Bridgend split
Saturday Spoons Fest

Coming in April 2019

New Management
Gloucester Brewery Easter Beer Festival

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February 2019

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The month of:-

Snowy Beerex in Dorchester
Beerex Day 02 and Caerphilly leads
Amazon Sunday
Weather warning week
White Lisbon Winter Hardy
iOS 12.1.4
Bluetooth Tuesday
Premiere Elements 2019
Fan and Frost week
#mb04 Tiny Rebel and Infuse
4K and all night
Legal Beano
Digging has started
Flexible 5G
Two days of temperature records
The February Summer Ends
The month of "Rate My Plate"

Coming in March 2019

Another Rotation

January 2019

01/02/2019 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Warm sunny start with a Snowball
Price rises and cancellations
The Wetherspoon January Sale
The 99p Guest Cask Ale (which wasn’t)
Moor Beer Co Taproom
Egg Timer TV
Charity Beer Drinking
Bag of Nails marking
Cashless Bars
Nose Bleed and Lenses
All Munster
The Great Orange Slice Disaster of 2019
Brecon and Bridgend
Another Cold
Still The Same
Haircut but cancelled Beano
When your project isn’t managed
Enjoy life whilst you can
Debt moves
Seed Potatoes arrive
The minus 4.4 start #mb03
Snow at the end

Coming in February 2019

Half Beerex

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That was 2018

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That was 2018


Every month I do a “That was”. It’s mainly words to describe what happened to me in that month. Sometimes, even I forget what the words actually refer to. This is a I decided to do “That was – 2018”, a review of the year, month by month. There will also be an audio version too, published in mp3 format via ([]

January 2018

January started off with Storm Eleanor and the boiler condensate pipe still leaking. A beano to London with Mother Kelly’s and BBNo and the new Partizan home. The longest ever trip to Newport on the 50 and I joined Discord.

February 2018

The month of chitting. Apple Pay comes to Stagecoach. I go Away with a three number code. The Synology needed a new hard drive, WD Red. The Otley Brewery closed and I bought a new wrist watch. The car needed a new battery and the joy of obtaining a new radio code.

March 2018

A Red Snow Alert and working from home. Birmingham cancelled and then the no refund was a refund. Techmeme started doing a daily podcast and it was and is, excellent. Stephen Hawkin passes. Copied update borks it. The start of audio with purchase of Ferrite.

April 2018

Easter in Dorchester. All the bags were planted with Blue Danube. Fought a cold with Sudafed. Tried to freeze the verruca out at home. The little used audio page appears and a big welcome to The Velvet Owl. All the Onions went in.

May 2018

A new Android Tablet, Huawei M5. I walked into my Plum Tree. Mr Manning’s Tigger passed. A new Chromebook, with added Android. 4.5 TOG and Willy has his knee done. The start of my love of Rogue Amoeba. Hereford.

June 2018

Back to Dorchester, A visit to Weymouth with a child free Spoons and World Cup Dream Teams. WWDC, so I buy a new Chest Freezer. New eye prescription. Beelzebub opens, all tomatoes go in and various roads in Wales have a 50 mile an hour speed limit to save the world. I join Smarty as part of OTG. That noise was Pickled Onions now the Clutch

July 2018

E71 has Chinese firmware. In The Doghouse in Weymouth. The World Cup in The Convivial Rabbit. I came 3rd. The one day RWAS. USB Fan. My first tomato. Leaking roof. Plusnet‘s early morning outage. Fixed half roof.

August 2018

The Dentist with post uncommon symptoms. Facebook APIs change for the worse. The sun shone on my half roof repair. Dream Team again. The car service and an unexpected selfie at #Lolffest4. The first Blue Danube of the year. Things and people change.

September 2018

Pipes 10th Birthday Party in the Sun. Apple’s September Meh. iOS 12. Joined Boiler passed annual maintenance as the spare parts are removed from mainstream support. No Starbucks coffee in the middle of the night on the M5. Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest. Mojave.

October 2018

The Wessex October 2018 #mb09 Beano. Train strikes and the West Dorset CAMRA Oktoberfest. No Bacon in West Dorset Costa Coffees. Oreo 8.0.0 on the 3T, unlocking issues with worse battery life. iOS 12.0.1 and an Indian October. XS quick update minus mp3 and aac. The Uphill gets a £55K new carpet. Oct-12-Bar in the Otley. Planting Summer Onions. 15 TOG.

November 2018

Loka Polly ice bucket in Tiny Rebel Newport. Another iPhone case. Some overtime and lack of project management. Rocket app. #mb11 in Worcester and a pressure warning journey. Lots of politics and Fine Ales. MacUpdater. Discovering The Head of Steam. A new Marine Woodland BDU jacket. Another Costa no Bacon incident. All the Summer Onions planted. No Good Day Internet. Unofficial Welsh Language Unit do.

December 2018

The month that just went. Lots of updates, Oxygen OS 5.0.7 and then 5.0.8, still with poor battery life. iOS 12.1.1 and 12.1.2, mostly bug fixes. Windows 1809 which put the fear of god into me, however apart from minor things, it mostly is OK. I sprung for a licence for Hindenburg Journalist, three devices in my name either Windows / Mac or both. Backpack Studio for iOS. There was Lolffest 5, a new train timetable and LED lights for the desk. Jose was sacked and I got my festive cold which I fought with Sudafed. There was a new iPad and Spoons served up my Boxing Day ideas. JCD returned to TWiT.

Went missing in 2018

A bus stop in Bedwas
A bus stop in Caerphilly
Tesco Direct
The Monkey
Tom Toya Lewis

Added in 2018

Techmeme Drive Home
Hindenburg Journalist
10s and iPad Pro 11
Spotify Pro

And Finally

As in finally ready

The Cedar Tree Roundabout
M4 Junction 28 Roundabout

And in 2019

More Tech, More Beanos and certainly moor Beer

And a link to the audio (mp3 format) That was 2018

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