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What Date Is It?

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It snowed

It thawed

Garden – January 2013 #uksnow edition

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It’s cold and wet

And I’m not even sure it’s that pretty

Garden–January 2013 The Snow Pictures #uksnow

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Us Brits, well, we don’t do weather very well, especially snow.


IMG_6611   IMG_6609
Hedge and Plum tree.   And closer.
IMG_6610   IMG_6604
More closeness.   The tree from next door.
IMG_6606   IMG_6607
Derek, my compost bin.   The garden is somewhere under there.


However the roads have been gritted

Rain not Snow

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Caerphilly and Taffs Well

Whatever it was, it was cold and wet.

You Can’t Video Here

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Where my direct train

Became not so direct

CES Maybe?

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From afar

With a cough and a splutter

Garden – January 2013

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Post 2012 floods

Overcast and mild

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