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Chief Can’t Take His Duvel

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Me and the Chief
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Land Of The Death

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Land of the quite funny actually!!
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Orion’s Back

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Early Wednesday morning, dream team updated, off to feed Derek.  A lovely fresh morning, no wind and a clear sky.  Looking south and there was Orion, I hadn’t really noticed it before but there it was in all it’s brilliance.  A clear sign that’s summer’s gone and winter is on the way.  Rather sad really and yet again I’m asking the question "where did the summer go?"
And gone it has.  Winter leaks are here
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Cotton Flowering

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As the weather gets colder and wetter.  The tomatoes start to die, the trees lose their leaves.  A ray of hope appears, a cotton flower.  A sign of hope, perhaps not but very pleasant any way.
The good and the bad.
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How we come to rely on this stuff

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It’s great, we can visit the world with just a click of a mouse. It’s all there, emails, websites, newsgroups and instant messaging. You get to rely on it. You get used to it. You build a schedule around it. And then it doesn’t work. Is it my end or is it your end? Why doesn’t it work? These are all the questions that fly through your head. Sadly we are all too reliant on a system that is all too fragile. A bit like life really.

Here’s to uptime 🙂

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Bye Bye Adaware

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Well there you are sitting in Spoons, drinking a Belgian fruit beer and it hits you.  Well, I was was reading PC Pro and Adaware isn’t the dogs!! So a quick test when I get home and my clean nice clean system isn’t looking quite so clean.  A quick credit card job with Element 5 and I’m back in business.  The product – Spyware Doctor . The lesson, nothing stays the same, everything changes, don’t get complacent, move on. 

Blog a Spoons

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Well it was 101 on the Geeknewscentral ( ) front and it really is rather wonderful. I’m definitely in the make it longer camp. Anyway, time for another politically incorrect haircut. Adrian was up in Newcastle having a birthday. Now there’s a coincidence. Clive was spot on with 92 days to Christmas.

The college had sorted out their doors and was open before 09:00. That’s that sorted. So it was into Cardiff on an overfull Pacer. No 37 & Mark II’s for me today. Spent my chocolate survey vouchers and headed for the Ernest Willows.

The good news is that they are doing a BOGOF deal on all their coffees before 12:00. Thought that they had Früh but it turned out to be a Belgian 🙂 strawberry beer call Früli, rather nice too.

Thanks to James Hustle for going above and beyond.

September the best month of the year.

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It’s Wednesday And We Are Orange

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So there are cheap seats and BOGOF deals. The queues are snaking both ways. It’s Pride and Prejudice and the audience is 98% female. However there is an old guy in shorts and me there. Not sure about the shorts as the place has aircon. The chick flick lives on (classical edition).

So down to the film and I didn’t know the story. Well there’s far too much dancing. However I liked it anyway. The filming was very good, maybe a little grainy, intentional or was I just too close to the screen. The place was full of ladies with Orange phones quietly laughing to themselves. The acting was superb, especially Keira Knightly. Oh and the English countryside and weather deserve a mention for their moodiness. Arguments in the rain.

File under, won’t have thought it but worth seeing just don’t buy the soundtrack album.

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Growing Windows

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So the last of my garden carrots is fast approaching and I’m missing the taste of fresh Basil.  What will I do for Christmas.  Ah, the window sill.  Carrots on the outside & Basil in the middle.  Fresh veg for Christmas, indeed!!
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The Best Time Of Day

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"It was an early morning yesterday
And I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on"

Not quite the sentiments but it will do.

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