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Garden – December 2014

30/11/2014 Leave a comment

The hedge is bare

And the Strawberries need cutting back

Needing A New Plan

30/11/2014 Leave a comment

Later opening

Means move to the hotel

First Festive

23/11/2014 Leave a comment

Mince Pies, Turkey

And Carols from Big Carl

Recovery Day

19/11/2014 Leave a comment

Ease myself gently back in

With a little help

Pre Space

16/11/2014 Leave a comment

A pint or two

Before the excellent Interstellar

Birthday Brewing

16/11/2014 Leave a comment

By the Eurostar

To a brewday

Only Later

14/11/2014 Leave a comment

Do you find out

What really happened

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