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Music this month–November 2014

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Open my eyes – Rival Sons
Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
This town ain’t big enough – Sparks
Dirty Truth – Joanne Shaw Taylor
Walking in the shadow of the blues (live) – Whitesnake

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November 2014

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The month of:-

Blood and shoes
Winter’s here
Cough and Curry
15 TOG
No Turkey and Fast Internet
Four Years later
Dutch from Cardiff
Early is good
Off is On
Emotional Space
Super isn’t better
Presentations and presentations
Carl and Turkey
Frosty ears in a hat
Down and pulled
Learning lessons
Wrong building blues
Apples and onion rings
Later start with cream (twice)
Sunny festive shopping


Coming in December 2014

Birmingham for Newcastle

Needing A New Plan

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Later opening

Means move to the hotel

First Festive

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Mince Pies, Turkey

And Carols from Big Carl

Recovery Day

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Ease myself gently back in

With a little help

Pre Space

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A pint or two

Before the excellent Interstellar

Birthday Brewing

16/11/2014 Leave a comment

By the Eurostar

To a brewday

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