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Birthday Brewing

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By the Eurostar

To a brewday

Trains and Stations

11/11/2013 2 comments

Back home

From misty to damp

To Zuid

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The Station that is

IMG_8004   IMG_8006
Kings Cross early in the morning.   St Pancras & Kings Cross.
IMG_8007   IMG_6594
Not me, I’m more your standard class.   Light refreshment as I arrived too early.
IMG_6598   IMG_6595
Wandering about.   Check in land.
IMG_6600   IMG_6601
Won’t go far without this.   France in England.
IMG_6604   IMG_6607
Waiting.   My train.
IMG_6608   IMG_6609
Quite brown.   And more brown.
IMG_6610   IMG_8015
No Duvel or London Pride for that matter.   Me in Brussels, travelling light again.
IMG_6611   IMG_6612
A long way out.   My hotel.
My room.    

To Zuid

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London to Brussels

In the Drizzle

Train after Train

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Eurostar good, tube bad

Even First Great Western Good

Brussels and an Old Friend

28/10/2011 Leave a comment

Left on time

IMG_4791   IMG_4793
St Pancras   Ready to check-in, QR code
IMG_4796   IMG_4804
Foot and bergan   My Eurostar at Gare du Midi
IMG_4806   IMG_4807
Mine and a friend   Where I’m staying
IMG_4811   IMG_4813
The local chippy   On the way
IMG_4815   IMG_4819
Chez Moeder Lambic   The fruit menu
IMG_4818   IMG_4822
Cantillon – Kriek – 5.0% ABV   Cantillon – Framboise – 5.0% ABV
IMG_4824   IMG_4825
Oude Geuze – De Oude Cam – 6.0% ABV   If you can’t get them in Caerphilly


All Lambic, 100% Lambic

To The Second

28/10/2011 1 comment

It leaves on time

And gets to nowhere quickly

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