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Music this Month – November 2010

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What I’m listening to

Helen Wheels – Wings
Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group
UFO Theme – Barry Gray
Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire
Party Fears 2 – The Associates

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November 2010

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The month of:-

Coffee and Chocolate Beer
UK2 domains
Maverick Meerkat
1 million SETI credits
Actually Lucid Lynx
Autumn Gales
From 08:00
Or 07:00
Christmas starts
Mini DAB
15 TOG
Snow and Wine
Minus coldest ever
World record journey home


Coming in December 2010

Newcastle 2010

Day 03 – Minus Lots

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Pulling the moisture from your face

But no wind

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Panic Bought The Echo

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Just in case

IMG_3675   IMG_3677
From the front   From the back
IMG_3678   IMG_3680
Looking South   Looking North
IMG_3681   IMG_3685
More South (note lack of grit)   Bedwas Mountain
IMG_3683   IMG_3684
Note lack of Global Warming   Signs of grit

You need an Echo when it snows

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No Explanation

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Much rain

Bears Head–Penarth












Quality ales

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And I host it too

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Sort of












It’s in Arizona

First of the year

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With added stuffing

And lots of mint sauce

Later Starting

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Nearly over

Pre festive Bevan












Garden – November 2010

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Things are slowing down

A Strawberry












But there is still a little life

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More Festival

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In Cardiff, cheaper beer.

Chocolate too












Also a coffee one

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