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But since April

Mainly Rhymney

L L and L

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Festive all go

In the new media space

Trains and Brains

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At Christmas

We get what we deserve


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And walking

But from 08:00

Snow and Carl

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Newcastle to Bristol

Bristol to Merthyr

To The Sea

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And not to see it

A touch of fire though

Whitely Bay

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For a quick drink

IMG_4969   IMG_4971
The Metro station   And from another angle
IMG_4975   IMG_4977
The Fire Station   Yet more Metro station
IMG_4978   IMG_4979
Looking South   Did I say Metro Station?

On a cold December morning

Wales Is Wetter

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But of course

But it is December

Wales Winter. England Not So Much

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Merry Christmas

IMG_4953   IMG_4954
And the hail was hammering   Bristol Airport. Cold but dry
IMG_4956   IMG_4957
Like the last time but colder   Subway and Tikka again
IMG_4958   IMG_4959
I win a mouse mat but the Wifi was rubbish   Not mine but like mine
IMG_4960   IMG_4963
Do you get nectar points with every fill up?   Easy breakfast
IMG_4964   IMG_4966
Not Wales below   Newcastle – The Monument



Kindle Connect

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When you have to

The Cloud rules

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