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Belgium Tricky Journey Home

12/07/2015 Leave a comment

What you worry about doesn’t happen

Everything else does though

To The Ibis

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Power cuts at Bristol

Free Champagne at The Ibis

Look at the Little Cat

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Me waffling on about my trip to Belgium

And I see a little Cat

I Was The Mayor Here

02/07/2015 Leave a comment

Long ago!

IMG_8630   IMG_8631
Still DPM.   Early morning yesterday.
IMG_8633   IMG_8634
Waze again.   Android and The Echo.
IMG_2259   IMG_2260
Mayor again.   Last here December 2013.
IMG_2261   IMG_2267
And this used to be Subway.   Emergency South Wales Echo.
IMG_2262   IMG_2268
Going to be hot!   And no cask ales.


Map picture

Still Wild

19/10/2014 Leave a comment

Hyper Mini Beanos Over

Normal Saturdays resumed

A Little Bit At The End

20/12/2013 Leave a comment

From NCL


A Flight and Newcastle

18/12/2013 Leave a comment

From Tuesday 17 December 2013

IMG_8096   IMG_8097
Flight called   No plane
IMG_8098   IMG_8099
My plane   Monument – Newcastle
IMG_8101   IMG_8104
A Church   Newcastle Airport
Newcastle Airport PremierInn    

A Newcastle Deal

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Sometimes things just feel right

And they work

Waze Stars

17/12/2013 Leave a comment

Leaving it a little late in the year.

IMG_8082   IMG_8083
Calm   And quiet
IMG_8084   IMG_8086
Waze in auto night mode   For the memory
IMG_8088   IMG_8090
The long stay at Bristol   #ITM
IMG_8091   IMG_8092
#Jingle   A very easy check in
IMG_8093   IMG_8095
Local festive brew   I’m in the bar

Dry, calm and no frost

The Big Orange Bird

16/12/2012 2 comments

All good things

End in baggage reclaim

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