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Music This Month – December 2013

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Robin Hood – 38 Special
Working Man – Rush
Downtown – Petula Clark
Plug In Baby – Muse
I Believe In Father Christmas – Greg Lake
Sad But True – Metallica

December 2013

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The month of:-

Sort of BOL
Master Class
Nelson passes
Tom fired
The Red Lion
Manning Site
Three and Awesome
The festive cold
Sponsored by Sudafed
Astro Turf for Carpet
Both sides of the Tyne
The back to myself
Soaked to the socks
Iyaz gone
Roku Christmas
Back to front water
Zero Dark Thirty
Malky Fired
Ready for 2014
Everyone is coughing
Tons of TWiT

Coming in January 2014


A Short One

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In the wind and rain


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It was the Saturday before Christmas

And the City lost 3-1

A Little Bit At The End

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From NCL


Luxury Mince Pie

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A tale of two Spoons

With a river inbetween

A Hartlepool Tap

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

IMG_7032   IMG_8108
Christmas at Newcastle Central   At dawn
IMG_8111   IMG_8112
Platform 6 / 5   Looking towards Platform 5
IMG_8114   IMG_7035
Hartlepool Station with the blue door the entrance to the Tap   The King Johns. £1.75 a pint.
IMG_7040   IMG_8118
The Ward Jackson. £1.55 a pint.   Not a Church but an information centre
IMG_8129   IMG_7033
Won me over straight away   Platform entrance
IMG_7043   IMG_8126
Main entrance   The menu
IMG_7055   IMG_7053
Astro turf instead of carpet   Worth reading
IMG_7056   IMG_8119
XX Bitter from De Ranke    
IMG_8120   IMG_8121
IMG_8123   IMG_8127
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