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So Much Music

13/01/2018 Leave a comment

And no take down

And two quality breweries

Day 04 Nothing Much Has Gone Wrong #L18

12/01/2018 Leave a comment

It will all be in tonight’s video

Issues sorted

Underneath the Arches

11/01/2018 Leave a comment

There was a song

But mine has beer

Day 03 Remote Control issues and Tea #L18

11/01/2018 Leave a comment

Lamp placement

And UK Coffee



In The Old Market

10/01/2018 Leave a comment

Full of Bacon

And then of Sours

Day 02 and I trip the Power #L18

10/01/2018 Leave a comment

You need coffee

And it was the kettle

Bad Start Turns Good

09/01/2018 Leave a comment

Left handed mono

To full stereo with Taps

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