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Music This Month – December 2016

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God is Dead – Black Sabbath
I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake
The Sun goes down – Thin Lizzy
Far Far Away – The Slade
Beautiful Dangerous – Slash

That was – December 2016

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The month of:-

WordPress snow
Of Rooms and Ends
Pre Bluetoothing
Videos and Jacks
Greg Lake – 2016
Body swap with 400 and mince pies
Bears, bridges and rain
Cheaper going west to east
Hung Hangout
Saison saves the day
Belgian Stamps
Cats and Pinball
Online shopping
Dreaded Lurgy and declined
It went away
The Bear
Pickled Onions
The Status Quo of 2016
Do you want to know more
Not sure about over clocking
Snappy Snaps
Lindy conversation
And now Carrie
From a broken heart
The Great Shredding Disaster of 2016

Coming in January 2017

CES 2017

The Last Newport of the Year

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Nowhere near New Year’s Eve

Going out as I started

The Day after Boxing Day

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With bus issues

Only as far as Caerphilly

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Sometimes you have a plan

And then you change your mind

Christmas Eve Curry Sale

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In the John Wallace Linton

Extra chips too

No 7 Just a Cat

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Mostly cheaper

As the beano slips away

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