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Music This Month – July 2013

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Slither – Velvet Revolver
Temple of the King – Blackmore’s Night
Slap & Tickle – Squeeze
Bad Penny – Rory Gallagher
Starlight – Muse
White Room – Cream
Cuddly Toy – Roachford

July 2013–The Month of

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The month of:-

Goodbye, hello
More cables
New SIM, new provider
Old number
Cheap Full English
The small Brewery tour
A4 reunion
Walk the walls
Rugby thingy
MAC and Plus
Pre Cider
Aircon & WiFi
New TV
Still boiling
Boiling Brecon
Plus and faster #EB
Castle and The Black Cock Inn
Lots of boxes
Racoon and babies
Rain, First Earlies and Official
Lots of Google stuff

Coming in August 2013


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Newport–A Few Pubs

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Saturday 27 July 2013

IMG_5985   IMG_5986
Bedwas with angry looking clouds.   Coffee#01 on Commercial Street.  Excellent coffee.
IMG_5987   IMG_5988
A large one to start the day.   The John Wallace Linton.
IMG_5990   IMG_5991
American Ale, brewed in Carmarthenshire.   Packed out.
IMG_5993   IMG_5994
This one from Scotland.   Yes, a Swedish cafe in Newport.
IMG_5995   IMG_5996
In search of better WiFi, The Queens Hotel.   Your standard beer pun name.
IMG_5997   IMG_6001
The oldest pub in Newport?   And it’s a Samuel Smith’s house.
IMG_5999   IMG_6002
As it was early in the day.   Tiny Rebel Central.
Urban IPA.    

Before the rain

Avoiding The Cheese

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Four Play

Less WiFi

From The Garden–First Earlies

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Red Duke of York

IMG_5972   IMG_5974
IMG_5971   IMG_5973

And they make lovely chips

Tredegar Arms Beer and Cider Festival

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Saturday 20 July 2013

IMG_5959   IMG_0974
A point of reference.   Tredegar Arms.
IMG_0978   IMG_0972
IMG_0982   IMG_0984
IMG_5948   IMG_5951
First of the day, Nuty Black by Thwaites.   Number two was gravity fed.  Lion by Hook Norton.
IMG_5949   IMG_5950
I got there early.   And beat the crowds.
IMG_5955   IMG_5956
Friggin in the Riggin – Nelson Brewery.   Moonshine – Abbeydale Brewery.
IMG_5958   IMG_5957
Organic Gold – Evan Evans.   And a rather good Burger and Chips.

Tredegar Arms Beer Fest and More

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Down to Bassaleg

For a rather pleasant and cooler afternoon

The Black Cock Inn–Caerphilly

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19 July 2013

IMG_0936   IMG_0939
Take the A or B to Cardiff from Caerphilly Bus Station and get off here.   Take the right just ahead.
IMG_0947   IMG_0952
Head down the hill.   Pass the signs.
IMG_0957   IMG_0959
A little welcome shade.   About 15 minutes from the Bus stop.
IMG_0964   IMG_0966
The entrance to the car park.   And the pub itself.
IMG_0968   IMG_0969
The bar. Free WiFi.   Hops hanging from the ceiling
IMG_5935   IMG_5937
Cwtch – Tiny Rebel.   Castell Coch – Celt Experience. Brewed just down the hill.
IMG_5939   IMG_5938
Silures – Celt Experience. Note the Black Cock picture in the Pump Clip.   Good food.  Caerphilly Curry and Chips.

Going Down Return Up

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Castle and Uphill

More Uphill and Black Cock Inn

Caerphilly Castle – 03

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Something in the moat

IMG_0892   IMG_0895
IMG_0898   IMG_0899
IMG_0905   IMG_0907
IMG_0915   IMG_0916
IMG_0920   IMG_0924
IMG_0935   IMG_0922

Apart from the weeds.

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