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Mild May

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When we in the UK

Drink Mild Ales

Tredegar Arms Beer and Cider Festival

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Saturday 20 July 2013

IMG_5959   IMG_0974
A point of reference.   Tredegar Arms.
IMG_0978   IMG_0972
IMG_0982   IMG_0984
IMG_5948   IMG_5951
First of the day, Nuty Black by Thwaites.   Number two was gravity fed.  Lion by Hook Norton.
IMG_5949   IMG_5950
I got there early.   And beat the crowds.
IMG_5955   IMG_5956
Friggin in the Riggin – Nelson Brewery.   Moonshine – Abbeydale Brewery.
IMG_5958   IMG_5957
Organic Gold – Evan Evans.   And a rather good Burger and Chips.

Tredegar Arms Beer Fest and More

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Down to Bassaleg

For a rather pleasant and cooler afternoon

70 Years Ago

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Remembering them

For us today

Power Cuts

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Newport had three power cuts

All while I was in the John Wallace Linton

Old School Penarth

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Rain to start

Good value to finish

New Nero

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Blogging and consuming

From the Paddage

I Videoed My Ale

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Where’s the Wifi?


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An emergency beano

During which I got wet

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