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Garden – May 2023

21/05/2023 Leave a comment

May started off with it being two to three weeks behind the normal growing season. Two varieties of Tomatoes, one of Peppers and one of Cucumbers were all planted on the indoor window sills. Bags for life over them to create a warmer, damper micro climate. So far only three pots have germinated. The rest of the growing was planting Potatoes, earthing up Potatoes and water Potatoes. They, however, are a striking success. Casablancas and Dersiree. The lawn after it’s seaweed feed and two mows, is looking much better, however, the reseeding, not so good. Onions of varies types are all growing well, as are the Radishes. Drought now. 

Casablanca – First Earlies

Brew Monster – May 2023

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The sun comes out, the temperature rises and Spring 2023 is really here. If I didn’t have a bus pass, I would have had a free bus journey to Caerphilly. Off to Brew Monster Tap House and watching the world via the mezzanine floor. Three uniques and an extra large T-shirt. Always worth a visit and great staff too. 

Bew Monster in Caerphilly

Garden – April 2023

23/04/2023 Leave a comment

Was April March or was April February? Cold, damp with at least two frosts and daytime temperatures about 10c. So, the growth and the planting are way behind schedule and the growth has been slow. That’s both indoors and out. I have nine Casablanca tubers left to go in and all the Desiree. I have been earthing up my first planted Casablancas and have been lucky that the frost didn’t get them. The lawn had moss killer and feed put on it and has had its second mowing of the year. Strawberries, I’m just going to capture the runners for the plants that didn’t make it through the Winter. Spring Onions, Radish and Mint are all growing indoors but slowly. Here’s to a warmer May.

Earthing Up in April

Garden – March 2023

26/03/2023 Leave a comment

Was March 2023 the start of Spring? No! It started off very cold and frosty and when the cold eased, it turned very wet and windy. Which it still is. However, there are now buds on the hedge. The lawn has had it’s first mow and feed of the year. I have filled the four bags, next to Derek, with home made compost and Potato Feed. The early Casablanca’s will be going in these bags in the next fortnight. The Summer Onions are growing well but I’m not so sure about the Strawberries. Meanwhile, in doors. chitting, Spring Onions and Garden Mint.  

Still almost Spring

Garden – February 2023

26/02/2023 Leave a comment

he driest February since 1993. During the month I strimmed the edges of the lawn and then spiked it. It seems to be growing well despite the end of month coldness. On the Potato Chitting front all the seed Potatoes now have eyes and they are growing well. The first Casablancas will go in at the end of March, weather willing. I have some Spring Onions, now growing well on the window sill. The Tesco Bag for Life has come off them and they are lapping up the late winter sun. During the next month, I will be mowing the lawn, putting moss killer on it and prepping Potato bags.

Sunny but with a very cold wind

The Same But Slightly Different

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It’s another Emergency Beano but what with the Rugby, slight tweaks to the schedule and a Spoons’ Full English to boot. Mainly because I feel like one and hang the recent price increase. That is the true spirit of an Emergency Beano.

The John Wallace Linton – Newport

The big news at the John Wallace Linton. They have gone all Pen and Wig. You just show your CAMRA card and you get the Real Ale beer discount. This is wonderful,really wonderful.

Large Full English, currently £6.34

50% extra butter and the beans could have been hotter but overall tidy. I usually get 100% extra butter when I ask for extra. However, I’m didn’t pay any extra.

Actually went down a treat

Rather superior Glamorgan Brewery glass with Boss Boom in it. Mostly conflicted, however as it’s The Pen & Wig it’s always a positive.

OK, so it is Boss.

Back to Micros, in the Awesome Little Taphouse and it’s Magic Dragon from Wrexham. Not sure if it’s made from real Sheep. Could be an Untappd near miss?

From Big Col Land

And on to Tiny Rebel, where it was all Rugby. However downstairs in The Cwtch it was all Norwegian Yeast and Table Tennis.

Tiny Welcome Board
Tiny Table Tennis
Used my Loyalty Card too

And really fast WiFi too. Back next week for their Birthday.

Beer Musings – 03 February 2023

04/02/2023 Leave a comment

An Emergency Beano in Newport, South Wales. Mild weather for early February and time to discuss Dry January, beer price rises, CAMRA vouchers, Hereford Beer House loyalty scheme and 6 Nations Rugby. 

#Ale #Beer #Bier #February2023

Fine Ales need Fine Chips

For Saturday 04 February 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 04 February 2023. Pre Paid Meters, Stock Apps, Strikes, Old Passport, Mint and Spring Onions, Car Fob, TVOS, Weather Apps, Camo, Optician, 58 Pattern, 16p, Soap and Twitter API.   #SaturdayWrap  #February2023 #Newport

Live from The John Wallace Linton

Garden – January 2023

29/01/2023 Leave a comment

Usually, January and also February are months when you mainly complain about the weather really than do real gardening. However, the seed potatoes have arrived (Casablanca and Desiree) and they are are now chitting like the wind. I have also bought some potting compost and I have mint and spring onions in chocolate tubs on the window sill. The spring onion tub has a clear Tesco bag over it to create a slightly warmer micro climate. Outside I still have spring onions and the summer onions are doing well despite the recent frosts. So, the growing season has already started.

January – Gardening Update. Mostly Chitting

The Mild Christmas Eve

25/12/2022 Leave a comment

The day before Christmas and it’s time to count my blessings. Starting early with a Luxury, Festive Mince Pie.  One and a half in the Pen & Wig with a discount for my CAMRA card. You can’t beat a quality tray of chips on Christmas Eve, even when you are overlooking Newport Railway Station. On to The Little Tap House, where Arfur popped in. Forgot to video that bit. I ended up in Tiny Rebel, drinking Cask and gaining TR rewards. Very rather sleepy on the bus.

Christmas Eve 2022 in Newport
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