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20230311 Prelude mb03 Hereford Mar 23

11/03/2023 Leave a comment

A light frost and snow flurries start to mb03 and a chance to bring my count number up to the month number. It was light from Monmouth onwards and what a joy that was. Apart from that it’s the standard Hereford one day plan but with a £5.00 discount voucher for The Hereford Beer House.

Where exactly is Spring?

20230106 Prelude mb01 Hereford Jan 23

06/01/2023 Leave a comment

The first Mini Beano of 2023 and the usual January issue of closed pubs. Redone my schedule and I think I have got it beat. Too dark for optimised departure, obviously. A windy start at home and a calm and cooler arrival in Hereford. It’s good to be Beanoing in 2023.

Back Beanoing in 2023

20221125 Prelude mb13 Hereford Nov 22

25/11/2022 Leave a comment

This is the Prelude for #mb13, which has its own Pre Prelude. This time I am the right way round. I’m back in Hereford for the first time since June and it’s been far too long. Wales v Iran and 10:00 and there will be lots of Fine Ales. Semi Festive too 🎄

Prelude with a Prelude

20221016 Prelude mb11 Malvern Oct 22

16/10/2022 Leave a comment

A new place, Great Malvern and a relaxed Sunday journey up. A 90 minute journey up and a Premier Inn just on the edge of town. Late start, mostly travelling in the light. Aiming for a Gentle Beano. Update, 45 minute work from the Premier Inn to Spoons. Getting a taxi tomorrow.

20220930 Prelude mb10 Gloucester Sep 22

30/09/2022 Leave a comment

The months finally catch up with the mb numbers, well at least from the second day. Back to The Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest for the first time since 2019 and yes I will be taking my hat. Three days of Festing then two days in The Pelican and yes lots of Tech. Late in, a blow dry hair fire alarm start.

20220606 Prelude mb08 Gloucester June 22

06/06/2022 Leave a comment

Up at 03:00 which seems to be a thing with my Beanos. Left Hereford at 05:25 and it rained all the way to Gloucester. Waze took me via the M50 where as Google Maps would have been all cross country. Got to The Quays and the Bridge was up. All the Tall Ships were on their way out of Gloucester. They looked very good despite the rain. Validated the car at the Premier Inn, although I suspect not a lot of their guests arrived at 06:30. Another free Cappuccino at Costa, courtesy of the app. Food from the local Sainsbury for tonight. The day way be The Lord High Constable of England, Tank and The BrewHouse and Kitchen. The Premier Inn for WWDC 2022 and maybe my keyboard will have arrived by then

20220604 Prelude mb07 Hereford April 22

04/06/2022 Leave a comment

The first time this year I could put the phone on the steering wheel and start recording. All very calm departing at 04:45, just as dawn was dawning. Still it was rather grey and it started to rain at Monmouth. A quality Hereford Beer House plan that turns in #mb08 on Monday. A free large Cappuccino in Costa Coffee.

20220430 Prelude mb06 Hereford April 22

30/04/2022 Leave a comment

#mb06 for the 30 April 2022. A frosty start and journey to Hereford. Twilight then dawn with a little mist. A new Costa Coffee, then recording and uploading from The Kings Fee. 12:00 to the Hereford Beer House for the first time since November 2021. A new owner and a new cat. Happy, sunny Springtime.

20220308 Prelude mb05 Gloucester March 22

08/03/2022 Leave a comment

The watershed between mb04 and mb05 via a long list of mountains after the rush hour. Having an Anker power supply delivered to the Amazon lockers in my Premier Inn. Rather blowy in Gloucester and the Plum Porter is going down a treat. Pre Winter Beer Festival in The Pelican and Apple’s Peek Performance.

20220306 Prelude mb04 Stroud March 22

06/03/2022 Leave a comment

Rather fresh but almost light on leaving. Stopping near the end, at a Tesco Express for tonight’s Tea. Park up at Premier Inn and then onto Stroud’s Spoons. A table booked at Stroud Brewery for 12:00 and then after I have sampled their ales, back to the Premier Inn.

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