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31/07/2006 Leave a comment
Victor stories brought upto date.  He can’t drive so he has to ride a horse.  Lots of product placement and the pidgeon gets it.
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Smile – Little Ones

26/07/2006 Leave a comment
Bit small, still to be chip tested.
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Superman Returns

24/07/2006 1 comment
It’s dog eat dog in Superman Returns.  Good film but way too long and the kid is evil. 
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Maris Bards & F1 Tumblers

02/07/2006 Leave a comment
One ready and the other getting there.  I wonder if they chip as well as it said in the packaging?
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June 2006

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The month of:-


Summer at last

The watering can

Da Vinci Code – liked it

More Seaside

World Cup & Dream Team


5,000 hits

10,000 SETI credits

More mowing woes

Net neurality

Bargoed massive cluster

Transfer window

Dental clean up

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