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Nice twist at the end.  Old Mac placement, enhanced hat and Dr Kermode was right about the accent.  Worth seeing.
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Of Transfers and things…

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Nice picture on the airport bus.  Will probably be using it, must check my bookings.  Beer & coffee were nice though.

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Up The Hill

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A big accident in Palma this morning, if the noise of all the sirens was anything to go by. I wanted to to Castell de Bellver, the castle on the hill that overlooks my hotel. Anyway the taxi was late due to the accident and when it did come, we immediately got stuck in Mallorcan traffic jam. However having said all that, taking a taxi was the way forward, as, as hills go, it was a hill and a half.

Lovely if somewhat hazy views from the top. A museum, telling the story of Palma and if you look closely, you will see two mounted police officers. Walked back, as it was downhill all the way. Afternoon, by the pool (again).

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Monday – Europe Closes

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Apart from the British papers, which you can still get.  Ebaying from Mallorca and back to the 4 star buffet (see pictures).  Tummy less red now .  Spent the day by the pool.
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Sunday Goes Red

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Argh, just like back home Diggnation
video download problems but hey there’s always the MP3. Lovely day,
infact one shoulder and my tummy have turned rather red. Half a
tonne of after sun helped :-).

Evening meal at a very Spanish Tex Mex,
surved by a Chinese gentleman and drinking Fosters from a pint glass.
Nothing like the true spirit of Spain :-). Hard day ahead with the
Engadget & Twit podcasts.

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Outward bound

22/04/2007 1 comment

There’s something about driving in the middle of the night, quite apart from the lack of traffic. It’s easier and more difficult at the same time. Easier as you don’t have to deal with jams and bonkers drivers, more difficult as it is harder to see (especially when your contact lenses flare). Anyway the new Tom Tom maps no longer show you in a field when go from the second Severn crossing to the M5.

My plan to check in three hours early (as before with EasyJet at Bristol) didn’t quite work. Turns out that no one from Easy arrives until 04:00. You can’t blame them really. Still a large cappuccino helped (picture 01). Anyway when I checked in, I was boarding group A again, which was nice. Up to the bar as everything was closed and a rather summery Magners (picture 02) to start the journey.

Flight left 10 minutes late but arrived 15 minutes early. I wonder how much recovery time is built into this schedules? Passport control was the problem. Half an hour to get through. Picture 05 shows the queue behind me. A guy who does the journey every two weeks, said that they hardly ever check passports, argh.

The resorthoppa transfer was delayed due to late a arriving flight from Newcastle. Probably not helped by the passport control queues. Great thanks to the Penarth knowing Geordies for their running commentaries on the coach.

After that it was downhill all the way. McDonalds, then cold beer ans papers by the pool. I’d forgotten how cold the pool could be. However when you have been awake since 00:30, it doesn’t half wake you up!! Using solar charger to save the world (picture 07).

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"A" list
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The Messengers

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Makes you jump but is not frightening.  A good B movie.
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March 2007

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The month of:-




Sir John Oldcastle

Premium Business

Internet dating in French with dogs

Rhondda coaches

Wrong toilet with rain

Free Wifi

More free Wifi

Mr Whippy

Capsized pedalo


Rockets & Smiles


No cutover

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