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Music This Month – June 2013

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Lay it on the line – Triumph
Fanatic – Heart
Green Manalishi – Fleetwood Mac
Rock Me – Great White
Hot Legs – Rodney
Bridge to Better Days – Joe Bonamassa
Plug In Baby – Muse
Bullfrog Blues – Rory Gallagher

June 2013–The month of

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Plastic glasses
Tables & Pages
4.5 TOG
Sunny London
Bigger than stated
Taps and washer
Photo blogging
Crazy and posters
London and its damp
Blood and plasters


Coming in July 2013


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Mainly Blogging

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Flaming June, not quite

But the WiFi was good

Newport June 2013 – 03

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On a roll

IMG_0132   IMG_0134
Subway art and the castle.   To the right.
IMG_0135   IMG_0136
To the left.   And the man.
IMG_0137   IMG_0140
Not quite the castle.   The river Usk.
IMG_0142   IMG_0143
Newport has bridges.   The castle.
IMG_0155   IMG_0157
Newport has a logo.   Logo and bridges.
IMG_0159   IMG_0163
The Usk with the tide in.   Logo and City Centre.
IMG_0167   IMG_0151
Castle and bridge.   Another Usk bridge.

Newport June 2013 – 02

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More photos

IMG_0105   IMG_0107
John Frost Square.   And the second ball.
IMG_0109   IMG_0112
More lols.   More Commercial Street art.
IMG_0117   IMG_0119
Newport has historic pubs.   And it’s a Samuel Smith House.
IMG_0121   IMG_0122
The Old Station.   Re-creation of the old town cross.
IMG_0127   IMG_0126
D Day Memorial.   The Carpenters Arms. Is it the oldest pub?

Newport June 2013 – 01

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Just a few photos from the city of my birth

IMG_0076   IMG_0078
Charles Street and bridge.   St Woolos primary school.
IMG_0080   IMG_0083
Stow Hill.   Kingsway carpark and bridge.
IMG_0086   IMG_0089
Park Square Transformer.   And it’s blue plaque.
IMG_0092   IMG_0096
No rain.   Happy.
IMG_0099   IMG_0103
Street art, Commercial Street.   Commercial Street.

Testing The New Camera

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A rather overcast day in June 2013

IMG_0001   IMG_0003

First Earlies – Red Duke of York

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TSun in the Rain

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It’s summer again

So it’s wet

Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2013 Part 02

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What a great event

Makes you proud to be Welsh

Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2013 Part 01

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No rain this year

IMG_7781   IMG_7783
Still says the CIA   Somewhat different light balanced but it is air conditioned
IMG_7786   IMG_7787
Those fine Otley boys   Brains and their craft brews, pride of the Capital
IMG_7788   IMG_7789
Celt from Caerphilly   No hard to see where these boys are from
IMG_7782   IMG_7790
The mighty Tiny Rebel Brewing Co from Newport   The Emergency Tiny Rebel van
IMG_7791   IMG_7795
The Emergency Tiny Rebel T-shirt   Not just beers

A drought but not of fine ales

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