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Christmas Eve


No Backup

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It’s Christmas

And it rained and rained

The Big Orange Bird

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All good things

End in baggage reclaim

South and Home

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Better weather


IMG_6571   IMG_6572
Where I slept.   Where I had breakfast.
IMG_6573   IMG_6578
The logos.   As above.
IMG_6577   IMG_6579
That way.   Lots of different languages here.
IMG_6581   IMG_6583
Bag drop – easyJet Style.   Not with these boys today.
IMG_6588   IMG_6589
These boys.   These boys – darker.
IMG_6592   IMG_6593
25F (again)   Not sure if prebooked seats speeds up boarding?


In Newcastle at least

To Sunderland

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Snow in the morning

Turkish Lira in the night

From Snow to Rain

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Cold and White


IMG_6558   IMG_6559
A touch of white on the way to breakfast.   Looking towards the Metro station.
IMG_6561   IMG_6562
Sunderland Central looking North.   Sunderland Central looking South.
IMG_6563   IMG_6564
Sunderland Central looking wet.   The Sir William Jameson.
IMG_6569   IMG_6570
The return.   Old style Turkish money.


To Wet and Dark

50 and the Sea

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Not above zero

and from 50 to 52

A High of Zero

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To the sea


IMG_6546   IMG_6549
Callerton Parkway at dawn.   Looking south towards Newcastle.
IMG_6550   IMG_6552
Changing trains at Heworth.   South Shields and the end of the line.
IMG_6553   IMG_6554
The Wouldhave and Ale Trail #50.   The Centurion, Newcastle Central Station and Ale Trail #51.
IMG_6555   IMG_6557
The Mile Castle and Ale Trail #52   Too full for a curry.


For a large T-shirt

Dream Team: 13 December 2012

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Results from Wednesday 12 December 2012


Position Team Manager Points
1 Water Boys Daniel Roberts 805
2 Saunders Valve Dale Parker 772
3 Save the Bale Paul Jones 728
4 Elite 11 Michael Roberts 722
5 Redbirds Sarah Jones 709
6 max’s millions Carl Price 698
7 JP United Jennifer Price 692
8 Marching On Together Ian Page 683
9 Tanauan terriers brian mills 681
10 Talwg United Barrie Niblett 666
11 LENNOX 101207 neil page 664
12 Bluebirds in Red Neil Lintern 650
13 Sharkys Dream Team Mark Jones 648
14 Olympic United Mike Simonson 646
15 Gabalfa Rangers Russell Calderwood 643
16 Hutchys hammers Lee Hutchings 640
17 HQdlaty Magdalena Walczak 639
17 whisky boys david malatynski 639
19 Sassy’s Boys Sarah Pritchard 633
20 Brents boys Brent Parry 624
21 Evs11 Richard Evans 619
22 Living Liberty Loca Joanne Jones 613
23 Malky’s Blue and Red Robin Gibbs 603
24 The Glory Boys Mark Lonney 596
25 He Who Dares Wins Matthew Hoskins 581
26 The Price is right Gareth Price 577
27 Open Source Stars Roger Nash 573
28 Alabang athletic brian mills 572
29 UPANDWIN Chris Vardon 566
29 Victory Victoria Page 566
31 little troopers leslie withers 543
32 craigy cavaliers Craig Holley 538
33 Matthews Marvels Jane Williams 532
34 Willmott’s Warriors Andrew Willmott 526
35 Blackwood Bluebirds Alec Withers 471
36 liams team liam page 458
37 FRANNYS BOYS frances page 446

Six and Out

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The final beano of 2012

Cold with a saint

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