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Newark Air Museum – The Video

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At least the 27 is related to the 23

Money off for the cafe too.

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Newark Air Museum

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Rather good

B2   Blue_Steel
Vulcan B2   Blue Steel
Buccaneer   Sea Harrier
Blackburn Buccaneer S.1   Sea Harrier FS.1 / FA.2
B_Bomb   Mig_27
Bouncing Bomb   MIG 27


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Day 02 – National Space Centre Dull Video

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It was spring

And I semi liked it

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National Space Centre

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A mixed bag

IMG_2807 Stitch (2)

The good


The also good


The British



And  the bad bit, all the school children, argh!!

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Older but better

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The National Space Centre was good but Abbey Pumping Station was better.

Free and without children

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March 10 Beano – Day 01 Video

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So Vodafone, why do I have to use a VPN to upload to YouTube?

Getting There

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March 10 Museums – Day 01

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The panoramas

IMG_2800 Stitch-small   Breakfast & maybe lunch
The_Gynsills_02_Stitch_small   The Premier Inn to the right.

Must be spring.


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February 2010

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The month of:-

Lidl movies

Molly’s back

15K Hits

Transfer window

1st mow of the year

More festive Turkey


Garden dug

2 x 9

Another emergency beano

No crumpet

3 x Mayors


Plan B for the Mayor



Coming in March

In Space in England


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