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The Devil Wears Prada

30/10/2006 Leave a comment
Modern day morality tale, supported by Starbucks, Motorola & Apple.  Streep excellent.  We all lived happily ever after.
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Two Months Tomorrow

24/10/2006 Leave a comment
Christmas, best get in there first!!
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World Trade Centre

16/10/2006 Leave a comment
Not really sure about going to see it.  Wasn’t really like any Oliver Stone film that I have ever seen.  The documentaries are better but I’m glad that I went.
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Children Of Men

09/10/2006 Leave a comment
A hero in flip flops.  No problem with pet fertility.
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September 2006

09/10/2006 Leave a comment
The month of:-
No arms
Right at your door
No more plums
No more smiles
Lots of photos
Dopey ponies
Still no arms
Sony batteries
Still no phones
Cardiff queues
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Rainbow & return

06/10/2006 Leave a comment
Rainbow over the partner hotel.  €14.00 for a three course buffet.  Palma airport & BMIBaby homeward plane.  Hot and heavy landing at Cardiff.  Bit of a tail wind.  It’s Autumn!!
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It rained

06/10/2006 Leave a comment
But, boy was it warm rain and I was already wet from the pool. Packing & 4

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