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Background Chuckles

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Like last week

But even duller

Green or Gold

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Caerphilly for Cardiff

And still mild

More than 20 years ago

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First The Willows

Then The City Arms

Garden – November 2011

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Warm but cold

And slowing down

It’s All About The Tags

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But sunny

October 2011

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The month of:-

Disappearing weekend
The cough
Transfer 2 open
Steve Jobs passes
iOS 5 but without the contacts
Dream Team back
Late festival start
DT issues
Smock return
Really since a long time ago
Knights Templar
Raspberry in a basket
Chips and languages
Antwerp and Kulminator
4 language Seagulls and odd glasses
Barley nuts
No coffee


Coming in November 2011


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Music this Month – October 2011

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What I’m listening to

Crazy on you – Heart
I know what I like – Genesis
Girls talk – Dave Edmunds
UFO Theme
Heart of Gold – Neil Young

Returned to Before

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There is a connection

It’s the staff

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