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October 2011

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The month of:-

Disappearing weekend
The cough
Transfer 2 open
Steve Jobs passes
iOS 5 but without the contacts
Dream Team back
Late festival start
DT issues
Smock return
Really since a long time ago
Knights Templar
Raspberry in a basket
Chips and languages
Antwerp and Kulminator
4 language Seagulls and odd glasses
Barley nuts
No coffee


Coming in November 2011


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Music this Month – October 2011

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What I’m listening to

Crazy on you – Heart
I know what I like – Genesis
Girls talk – Dave Edmunds
UFO Theme
Heart of Gold – Neil Young

It Ends

30/10/2011 1 comment

On a high note

With barley nuts

One closed, One open

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But the open one had

IMG_4911   IMG_4912
Really?   Closed
IMG_4914   IMG_4917
Cathedral   Grand Place
IMG_4925   IMG_4926
Just a pub   Was open
IMG_4927   IMG_4928
The answer   Hop Harvest
IMG_4930   IMG_4931
Tripel   Grisette Fruits of the Wood
IMG_4932   IMG_4935
Gueuze   Kriek
IMG_4936   IMG_4929
Bio   Barley instead of bar nuts

free Wifi

Ostend and Seagulls

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One country

IMG_4894   IMG_4895
The French bit   And the other side, the Dutch bit
IMG_4896   IMG_4897
Not my train   Nor this one
IMG_4898   IMG_4899
Now this is my train   And my loco
IMG_4900   IMG_4902
The seagulls here speak four languages   Cafe Botteltje
IMG_4901   IMG_4905
Rodenbach   Boon – Mariage Parfait
IMG_4906   IMG_4908
Grimbergen – Dubbel   De Troch – Christmas Gueuze
IMG_4910   IMG_4903
Kwak – Pauwel   And goodbye


Two languages (mainly)

Indian Summer Antwerp

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Rather warm

IMG_4857   IMG_4861
The Station   The Cathedral
IMG_4864   IMG_4868
13th Commandment   Yes it is a restaurant/bar
IMG_4873   IMG_4863
Spag Bol, Gueuze & De Koninck   Kulminator
IMG_4880   IMG_4885
Rodenbach Vintage 2008   Buffalo Bitter Ale
IMG_4886   IMG_4882
Malheur   The bar
IMG_4887   IMG_4892
Why not?   My train back to Brussels


But dressed for cold

Cantillon Brewery Visit – October 2011

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Just wander around

IMG_4827   IMG_4829
High tech Brussels   Lambic beer tech Brussels
IMG_4831   IMG_4832
The Mashung un   And inside
IMG_4833   IMG_4836
Hop boiler   The Granary
IMG_4837   IMG_4841
The Cooling Tun where the airborne wild yeast do their magic   The barrel store
IMG_4844   IMG_4847
Bottle cleaning machine   Bottling line
IMG_4849   IMG_4848
Gueuze   Framboise
IMG_4851   IMG_4855
Gueuze   Kriek

Whilst the Spiders protect the Lambic

Indian Summer in Antwerp

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Spag Bol

And Flemish ales

Cantillon Brewery Visit

29/10/2011 2 comments

For real Lambic beers

Spiders are the key

Not for Stella Drinkers

28/10/2011 1 comment

It’s hard to believe but

This is reassuringly expensive

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