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It was long

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Good to have a VPN

And the Voda brothers

Frosty but light

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I think so

Once a year

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It was light

and it didn’t rain

Off to Abergavenny

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Late trains

Good recovery

From the Mound

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A B2

it was cold

North to Flagstaff Island

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Big Coffee

Little Rabbits

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And the Finding

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IMG_3948   IMG_3953
The entrance – £2.00   Blackburn Buccaneer
IMG_3958   IMG_3963
English Electric Lightning   Westland Wessexs
IMG_3975   IMG_3987
Avro Vulcan B2   With drop tanks in the foreground
IMG_3989   IMG_3997
Canberra & Vulcan   Nose on
IMG_4000   IMG_4010
Nose & intake   Argosy, Wessex & Vulcan

But now added to Foursquare

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