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Music this month–April 2013

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Whole Lotta Love (live) – Led Zeppelin
The Unforgiven – Metallica
This corrosion – Sisters of Mercy
Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
Mountain Time – Joe Bonamassa
Heart of Gold – Neil Young

April 2013

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The month of:-

Garden fully dug
Spoons beer festival starts
Rear wiper
Bomb and snow
Facebook home
Summer heating
Mrs Thatcher dies
Fire Island
Planting new Strawberries
Earlies in
Some Red Ray onions too
Planning maincrop
London and stuff
City Up
Reds in
Garden fully planted
Spoons beer Fest over
Jack Land
Popping up and cats
Team Coffee and Buffet
Ed Balls


Coming in May 2013

Water meter

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Team Coffee

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Spring in Pontypridd

But only one

And Now It’s Over

21/04/2013 2 comments

The Wetherspoon’s Spring Beer Festival

And hopefully winter

Three Maybe Four

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More Spoons Beer Fest

Wandering between pubs

Fire and Kev

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Spring Spoons Beer Festival

And Mrs & Mrs Kev

Garden – April 2013

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A month behind

And rather chilly

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