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Music This Month – March 2017

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Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd
Road Racin’ (live) – Riot
Rough Boy 9live) – ZZ Top
One of us – Joan Osborne
Russians – Sting
Love is like Oxygen – Sweet

That was – March 2017

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Well there will be scaffolding and no TV
In and Out
Light bus
Switching in Mid Wales
In quarters til Thursday
Streaming for now
The lightness of no rain
The years and to the left
Pictures of Postits
Stary bacon
Early morning cats and coffee
I can see Sainsbury’s
Still cake
Building into the dark
The Patches are back
Uninstall to upgrade
Always half and half
It was the felt
Faster power in Europe
Spoons Spring Beer Fest
Tiny Rebel food video
Stay strong
Statistical Speaking
Canada update
Poor, poor battery
Cleaner and cooler
Back to speed
11 and burning through the battery
Arena totalled
The S8
Don’t fall off
At least I had Waze


Coming in April 2017

Hereford take 2

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Spring and Fine Ales

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A two centre

Beer Fest Beano

The Spring Spoons Beer Festival

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Fine Ales

And a 3T

Listening to Mac and Forth

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At the end

My videos and the Spoons app

Hereford – The Post Birthday Beano #mb03

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Saturday 11 March 2017

IMG_20170311_045034   IMG_7780
Guided by Waze, powered by Podcasts.   And welcomed to Hereford by a cat.
IMG_7782   IMG_7783
Dark but dry. My home for the night.   Wifi and Coffee.
IMG_7784   IMG_7785
Diet.   The local Spoons – The Kings Fee.
IMG_7786   IMG_7791
Emergency Full English in England.   The finest beer location in Hereford.
IMG_7794   IMG_7795
HBH looking towards the rear.   They do lots of ciders too.
IMG_7799copy   IMG_7800
The Barrels, cracking Traditional Pub.   The Barrels before it got busy.
IMG_7802   IMG_7804
The Beer In Hand, Craft Ale Bar.   Beer In Hand, Gravity fed.
IMG_7806   IMG_7807
Had a pint.   City Centre Tesco.
Only does breakfast but apart from that great.    

An English Cat in The Dark

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Post Birthday Beano

And What a Quality Product

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 11 March 2017


Rank  Manager Team  GW Score  Total Points
1  same  Gareth Yeo  Suicide Squad 46 1503
2  up  Niamhy Coveney  Niamhy’s Warriors 49 1452
3  down  Howard Whittingham  Pancho XI 19 1440
4  same  Ian Page  Marching On Together 21 1420
5  up  craig price  A picnic…surely? 40 1364
6  down  Roger Nash  Ogg Vorbis United 2 1353
7  same  colin liston  Klump City 21 1342
8  up  Scott Whittingham  Hi Ho Silva 32 1334
9  down  Tyrone Olding  Spartak Ponty 6 1319
10  up  Dean Parry  Parrysgoldenballs 16 1314
11  up  Dale Parker  Saunders Valve 35 1312
12  same  danny wyman  Pooh Bears 13 1309
13  down  Leslie Withers  Little Troopers 2 1303
14  down  Mark Begley  Watchuself 8 1292
15  up  Dave Birmingham  Osasuna or later 30 1286
16  down  Tony Norton  Nockers Knights 2 1263
17  same  Matthew Norton  DutchOven 12 1215
18  up  Chris Bailey  Vidre Dubrovnika! 22 1200
19  down  Howell Lewis  Olivier’s Army 0 1188
20  same  STEPHEN MILLER  SMILLERS15 6 1151
21  same  rhys linton  Rhys 11 14 1137

The Post Birthday Beano

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The weather is good

And the plan is Quality

The Light on the Bus Beano

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A touch of Spring

And it felt good

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