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Rain and German Lager

02/05/2022 Leave a comment

With some gentle overnight rain which will be good for the garden back home.  Sometimes you can’t get your disposal contact lenses in. Sometimes you can’t get your MBP to play well with a piece of beta software. I need a M2 MBA. Spoons for a Full English. Imperial for out of the rain. Hereford Beer House for sours and a German Lager testing session. Somewhat excellent.

The Joy of the Return 

01/05/2022 Leave a comment

A frosty car roof and front wind screen, that’s how #mb06 started. Twilight, then dawn and some mist for the journey to Hereford. Hereford had more frost ands breakfast was in a new Costa Coffee. Coffee and a Bacon roll, of course. Recording and uploading video in The Kings Fee, while drinking cask ale. The Hereford Beer House is now run by a Welshman, still miss Jonny though. However it’s very good and I met Daisy the Cat.

For Saturday 30 April 2022

30/04/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 30 April 2022. Planting Peppers, Wiper Blades and Air, Cancel Netflix, Aldi shortages, Elon, Detail app, NI Up, AirTag firmware, Fountain App, Nantgarw Hill, 4, Oktoberfest is back. #Hereford #SaturdayWrap

The First Full Day

11/03/2022 Leave a comment

It’s still rather blowy. To The Regal via the Skateboard Park (apparently). In training for the first full day of The Pelican Inn Winter Beer Festival (in March). Discovery that Untappd has cask and nobody moves when the Wetherspoons fire alarm goes off. Packed in the Pelican even before the Fest starts at 17:00  Next fest 09 June.

Blowy Studio Locker and Brasso

10/03/2022 Leave a comment

A solid hour of reality distortion. Paper bag in the locker. The Lord High Constable of England and a Full English. PMQs and a Quantock Gose. Cleaning the pumps with Brasso and filling the Untappd.

Peek Locker Power

09/03/2022 Leave a comment

From mb04 50 mb05 not via the M5. An Anker power supply delivered to my Premier Inn. Pre Winter Beer Festival in The Pelican. Sunny but blowy. Great condition in The Regal. Pump Clips a frenzy in The Pelican Inn. 

Mostly Cask Monday

08/03/2022 Leave a comment

A Costa in a Tesco, forgetting crisps for a meal deal again and a fruit based drink to start in Spoons.  Using a CAMRA 50p off voucher for the first time in two years. And ending up in the Queen Vic. 

A Year Late For The Book Festival

07/03/2022 Leave a comment

So it rained up to turning off the M5. The Premier Inn is next to a large Tesco and Costa Coffee. Ten minutes to the town centre and 40 minutes to the Stroud Brewery both by foot. The local Spoons is very friendly but they are having cellar issues. However the chance to have a last pint from the now closed Woods Brewery. Good job I booked a table at the Stroud Brewery. It certainly is a popular place and fast symmetrical WiFi to boot. 

The Other Optimised Start

14/02/2022 Leave a comment

Start the day with a Premier Inn all you can eat. Remember that Costa Coffee and Premier Inn are owned by the same people. Search for a Pub to start the day. That’s where Spoons was so handy. In the end it was Pennies which used to be a Spoons.

On and mostly up to The King & Castle as the rain continued to fall. It was very warm and the POS system and WiFi were down. However a great welcome. Luckily the train station next door had a cash point. So the Fine Ale drinking continued.

A Chippy open on a Sunday and a Real Ale Bar on the way to The Bear & Wolf. It’s all saying second visit. Maybe with a later start?

Without A Spoons

13/02/2022 Leave a comment

The M5 North just as it’s getting light on a Saturday morning. Kidderminster which is full of hills and roundabouts. Blowy with lots of expensive supermarket petrol. The Premier Inn car park is pay too. No Spoons and no Central Costa. Luckily the Swan opened at 10:00. Unluckily the WiFi was down.

What a find the Beer Emporium is. Extremely friendly welcome. Cask, Keg, Cider, Bottles and Cans. FTTC WiFi too. A must come back.

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