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It Could Be A VForce Spring

03/04/2016 Leave a comment

The rain cleared

And the sun came out at Midland Air Museum

Rainy Helicopter Day Video

07/02/2016 Leave a comment

Even with all the weather

It was a great day out

Four and Oh

02/01/2016 Leave a comment

In the wind and rain

Back in the game in 2016

March Museums 2015 – Day 05 Sunny

11/03/2015 Leave a comment

A touch of Spring in the air?

I think so

Walk and Forgot

07/07/2014 Leave a comment

Close enough to walk to

Too easy to forget to 4sq

Tescos and XM575

06/07/2014 Leave a comment

Starting in the rain

Finishing in the sun

Cows Tor and Outside

10/08/2013 Leave a comment

Everybody needs a getaway

IMG_1035   IMG_1040
Local cows.   With the Tor in the distance.
IMG_1046   IMG_1047
Brekkie and sleep.   Nice wood look.
IMG_1051   IMG_1052
And twelve miles down the road.   I think we still have helicopters.
IMG_1063   IMG_1064
Gate Guardian 1.   Gate Guardian 2
IMG_1067   IMG_1069
And together   Time to go in.

Even if the Internet is rather flaky

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