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20230409 mb04 Day 03 Wrap

10/04/2023 Leave a comment

A fresh and clear start to mb04 Day 03, Easter Sunday. My right eye is slowly improving and it’s about time. Two new Cask Ales on at The Kings Fee and they look like Festival Ales. Beer Festing is the way forward. Well, it turns out all the Supermarkets are following Aldi’s example and shutting on Easter Sunday. Sitting back in The Hereford Beer House with Fine Belgian Ales and watching the world go by.

Before the dawn Wrap

The Never Ending Beer Festival

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A fresh start to Day 03 of mb04, Sunday. My right eye is getting better but it is a slow old job. Spoons for Breakfast and they have two fresh casks on and they look like Festival Ales. The Spoons Spring Beer Fest, the Fest that goes on forever. I’ll drink to that! All the Supermarkets are shut but there is no issue with the joy that is The Hereford Beer House.

Class from Newcastle

20230408 mb04 Day 02 Wrap

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Day 02 starts with Apple updates all around and a runny right eye. Costa then a new Cask Ale from the Beer Fest in The Kings Fee. The Saturday Wrap with people looking over your shoulder, a little difficult. A return visit to Yates, the first time since February 2020. Boots don’t have an Infected Eye drops, there’s a supply problem. In The Beer House, St Mars of the Desert and Comic Strip Blogger wanting pictures of the Polish shop next door. And the eye is slowly getting better.

Easter Sunday moaning

Drops v Cream

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A rather fresh start to mb04 Day 02. A pile of Apple updates and my right eye is runny again. Spoons, the place to update your mobile Apple devices. Then, a fresh on Spoons Fest Ale and it was the best so far. Yates, where Jugs with Handles are preeminent. Supply problems for Infected Eye drops in Boots. Toots from CSB about the Polish Shop next to The Hereford Beer House. Tiddly Easter Saturday.

Chubbles 53° North

For Saturday 08 April 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 08 April 2023. Bloodshot,Chip, YouGov, Radish, Umbrel Sats, Feed and Weed, New Start, Tubers, Frost, lost Podcast, Conjunctivitis, AI, mb04, Fountain and more Apple updates. #SaturdayWrap #April2023 #Hereford

Looking over my shoulder

20230407 mb04 Day 01 Wrap

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A frosty, clear and hot water bottle start. A clear sky meant a mostly light journey to Hereford. The Prelude was missing a video from Detail Duo, mostly my fault. My right eye was watery but my blocked ear seems to be getting better. Frosty in Hereford too.

I didn’t fancy the Cask at The Kings Fee, mostly old Fest Ales. So after the fruit based start, it was straight on the bottled Craft. Lunch was local cask ale and filled rolls in The Orange Tree. The Beer house didn’t open until 16:00, so it was extra time in The Orange Tree. However, superb beers on tap at Beer House.

Runny Eye Wrap

Easter Hereford Therapy

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You really need a Beano when you have conjunctivitis in both eyes, a blocked ear and issues with your right shin and arm. Frosty, double hot water bottle on the dash start. A mostly light journey up. Craft not Cask in The Kings Fee. Filled Rolls and Cask in The Orange Tree, where their card reader was having problems. Then on to the Beer House and how good it was. Really glad I have another two days in Hereford.

Filled Rolls Easter Friday

20230407 Prelude mb04 Hereford Apr 23

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The body falling apart Easter Beano to Hereford. Conjunctivitis, a funny shin and a blocked ear. However, The Beanos must go on. It has it’s own routine and Fine Ales fix all. Also, there will be some bacon and coffee too. Going for bars of chocolate instead of Easter Eggs, as times are hard. 

Frosty but mostly light on the journey up and a temperature of just 1c on arrival. So of my hearing came back too. So things can only get better.  Happy Easter Beanoing. 

Some slight technical issues. Mostly missing videos. The joy of Tech Beanoing.

Mostly shot on Detail Duo

For Saturday 12 March 2022

12/03/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 12 March 2022.  Spring, Packing, Project GetUmbrel, UpNote Linux, mb04, Stroud Brewery, Snowflake, MBP Power, Android Update, mb05, Year, Cask Untappd, Pelican Fest, Syncing and Compost. #Bedwas  #SaturdayWrap

20220308 mb05 Day 01 Wrap

09/03/2022 Leave a comment

From 04 to 05 over the mountains, blowy Gloucester, good condition in The Regal, Winter Beer Festival prep in The Pelican Inn, Apple announces and a paper bag in my locker.

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