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For Saturday 12 March 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 12 March 2022.  Spring, Packing, Project GetUmbrel, UpNote Linux, mb04, Stroud Brewery, Snowflake, MBP Power, Android Update, mb05, Year, Cask Untappd, Pelican Fest, Syncing and Compost. #Bedwas  #SaturdayWrap

20220308 mb05 Day 01 Wrap

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From 04 to 05 over the mountains, blowy Gloucester, good condition in The Regal, Winter Beer Festival prep in The Pelican Inn, Apple announces and a paper bag in my locker.

20220307 mb04 Day 02 Wrap

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Monday without a plan, forgot the crisps in a Tesco Meal Deal again, Tech Support, Monday Spoons, First CAMRA voucher in two years, The Queen Vic, Snowflake and MBP power supply.

DT: Monday Night Updates

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For Monday 07 March 2022



Mostly Cask Monday

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A Costa in a Tesco, forgetting crisps for a meal deal again and a fruit based drink to start in Spoons.  Using a CAMRA 50p off voucher for the first time in two years. And ending up in the Queen Vic. 

DT: For Sunday Afternoon

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For Sunday 06 March 2022



A Year Late For The Book Festival

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So it rained up to turning off the M5. The Premier Inn is next to a large Tesco and Costa Coffee. Ten minutes to the town centre and 40 minutes to the Stroud Brewery both by foot. The local Spoons is very friendly but they are having cellar issues. However the chance to have a last pint from the now closed Woods Brewery. Good job I booked a table at the Stroud Brewery. It certainly is a popular place and fast symmetrical WiFi to boot. 

20220306 Prelude mb04 Stroud March 22

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Rather fresh but almost light on leaving. Stopping near the end, at a Tesco Express for tonight’s Tea. Park up at Premier Inn and then onto Stroud’s Spoons. A table booked at Stroud Brewery for 12:00 and then after I have sampled their ales, back to the Premier Inn.

20211009 – mb04 Day 03 Wrap

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Red Sky / Blue Sky. Glorious Beer Gardens. Deya, it’s large. Only 2 medium T-shirts. 

Deya Taproom

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Begin the day with a little red sky, then blue sky and then Spoon’s Coffee. Discover a wonderful Beer Garden with a Stream and then drinl a Bragdy Conwy brew. Google Maps guided in the Sun, I progressed on to The Deya Brewery Taproom.

It was large, it was clean and they were still doing table serving. On 2 medium T-shirts but the world of the Finesat of Fine Ales. The toilets were very clean to. WiFi ADSL2+.

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