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20200307 #mb04 Day 01 Wrap

08/03/2020 Leave a comment

The thing about a Great Beano is that it’s almost over as soon as it’s begun. No rain, new Bacon Baps, Pint cans in Pink Floyd covers in a Brewery #mb04

The Doctor Foster Visit #mb04

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A quarter in the early light of dawn and checked in via Touchwiz. A new style Costa Bacon Roll and Youtube upload issues. Overdoing it on Cheese & Onion Rolls and Happy Pint Cans from Arbor. Pink Floyd in The Gloucester Brewery and I’m back. Happy #mb04.

For Saturday 07 March 2020

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Live from The Regal. St David’s Day, Spring, Remote access, SETI shutting down, driving automatics and #CoronaVirus #Gloucester #SaturdayWrap

Seeing Dr Foster #mb04 2020

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Not raining, no frost and it started to get light on the M5 coming up. A relatively easy check in, in the Premier Inn and it was straight into Costa Coffee. The Bacon Rolls are now Baps but the Bacon is as good as ever. The bar in The Regal opens at 08:00 and it will be all downhill from there onwards.

#mb04 – Day 01 Early Morning Costa

16/02/2019 Leave a comment

Back in the Hereford Groove

And it’s very good. Bacon powered.


13/05/2018 Leave a comment

There is a routine

And Spring is here

Avoiding The Eurovision Song Contest

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Backed by Bacon and Coffee

And a day in The Hereford Beer House

13 Months Later

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Time Flies

And sometimes things do get better

DT: Thursday Night Updates

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For the night of Thursday 10 May 2018

Rank Manager Team GW  Total
1  same Gareth Yeo  Suicide Squad 69 2091
2  same STEPHEN MILLER  SMILLERS18 56 2015
3  same Scott Whittingham  Porto Wanderers 59 1982
4  same Tyrone Olding  Bunshaloozuz 62 1977
5  same Dean Parry  Pazza’s underdogs 95 1954
6  up Dale Parker  Saunders Valve 68 1893
7  up Ian Page  Marching on together 124 1884
8  same Howard Whittingham  Pancho X1 66 1880
9  down colin liston  Klump City 44 1875
10  down craig price  Another Picnic 84 1846
11  same Gareth Price  The Price is right 59 1798
12  same Mark Begley  Marks XI 49 1774
13  same Chris Bailey  Hail to the Chimp! 51 1759
14  same Roger Nash  Spoons United 56 1752
15  same Niamhy Coveney  KaneAlli All the Way 51 1667
16  same Leslie Withers  Little Troopers 86 1626

Driving in the Light

11/05/2018 Leave a comment

With the Techmeme Ride Home

And 2 x DTNS

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