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20230606 mb07 Day 03 Wrap

07/06/2023 Leave a comment

Another grey and cold morning with maybe a hint of damp in the air. Downloaded an update to Detail Duo and now I am trialling it. Both Spoons for the last day. Recording the WWDC Wrap. A gentle afternoon in The Pelican, discussing The Good Life.

And so it ends again

In a New Vision World

07/06/2023 Leave a comment

I think Vision Pro will slowly change computing, meanwhile in Gloucester it was grey and cool again. Grey and cold. Both Gloucester Spoons and an afternoon of Fine Ales in The Pelican Inn.

Non 3D in The Pelican

20230605 mb07 Day 02 Wrap

06/06/2023 Leave a comment

Not only a very cold wind but a rather grey sky until mid morning. Full English in the Beefeater with lots of darker, better cooked sausages. Detail Duo and a query on Discord. Great brewed on site Fine Ales at the Brewhouse and Kitchen but the WiFI is poor. A Superior Sour in Warehouse 4 where there is fine WiFi and there will be a Gloucester Oktoberfest 2023.

And then there was WWDC23. No M3 but updates to the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. Actionable Widgets and better Airdrop. Lots of opportunities for more Belkin accessories. The Vision Pro, very expensive but I think it’s the start of something very big.

Would be better with Vision Pro

20230408 mb04 Day 02 Wrap

09/04/2023 Leave a comment

Day 02 starts with Apple updates all around and a runny right eye. Costa then a new Cask Ale from the Beer Fest in The Kings Fee. The Saturday Wrap with people looking over your shoulder, a little difficult. A return visit to Yates, the first time since February 2020. Boots don’t have an Infected Eye drops, there’s a supply problem. In The Beer House, St Mars of the Desert and Comic Strip Blogger wanting pictures of the Polish shop next door. And the eye is slowly getting better.

Easter Sunday moaning

For Saturday 11 February 2023

11/02/2023 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 11 February 2023. AI, Ivory App, Things Going Wrong, Emergency Beano, Apple Gift Card, Wrong Time Zone, Tiny Rebel Glass, Tech Support, Apple, Shaved, Linux Mint, Free as in Beer, Detail 4 app, Potato Feed, Battery, Frost, Midjourney, Just Press Record, Aux Cable, Kwik-Fit.   #SaturdayWrap  #February2023 #Bedwas

Maybe subtitles?

For Saturday 21 January 2023

21/01/2023 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 21 January 2023. Space Karen, Tweetbot, Software Changes, Football, Memory failure, Twitter, Netcar, Hard Frost, Apple Spec Bump, HomePod, Snow, Leave, API and Emergency Beano.   #SaturdayWrap  #January2023 #Newport

Live from The John Wallace Linton – Newport

That was… Tech 2022

01/01/2023 Leave a comment

A look back on my year in Tech, my favourite hardware, software, what went well and what didn’t. I look a little forward as well.

Mostly 2022 Tech

For Saturday 17 December 2022

17/12/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 17 December 2022. Anticyclonic Gloom, Troll, Still Rhona, Cards, England, Snow, Free Amazon, Frosty, Upgraded Burger, 150.9p 5G mostly, Apple Updates, Start the Year End. #SaturdayWrap #December2022 #Caerphilly

For Saturday 17 December 2022

For Saturday 29 October 2022

29/10/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 29 October 2022.  Wetherspoons, Shaving, Best Before, Rishi Rush, MJF, Apple Updates, Belkin Mount, New Ministers, Umbrel, Elon, 15.7.1, Bugs, Bristol Beer Factory, Tiny Rebel, WiFi.   #SaturdayWrap     #October2022   #Bedwas

The Saturday Wrap for Saturday 29 October 2022

iPads and Apple TV – October 2022

19/10/2022 Leave a comment

My thoughts on the Apple announcements of new Apple TV’s and iPad – October 2022.

Apple – New Apple TVs and IPads
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