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Starting #London2016

09/11/2016 Leave a comment

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Dry and no frost

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The Return Political Trip Photos

13/09/2015 Leave a comment

South Wales to Dorchester – 11/09/15

IMG_8806   IMG_8807
It was early and more importantly dry.   Guided by Waze.
IMG_2992   IMG_2993
Dorchester Brewery Square just after Sun Up.   The warning was incorrect.
IMG_2996   IMG_2997
Much too early to check in.   But not too early for coffee.
IMG_2999   IMG_3001
Local Art.   I have a voucher.
IMG_3002   IMG_3006
The Royal Oak, the local Spoons. Friendly and informative Staff.   Local Brewpub. Brewhouse and Kitchen.
IMG_3017   IMG_3022
Tom Browns – Real Ale Pub, free Wifi.   The Blue Raddle – Real Ale Pub, no Wifi.

Like Last Time But Colder

12/12/2012 Leave a comment

This time North


IMG_6504   IMG_6505
A touch of ice.   This time with Waze.
IMG_6506   IMG_6507
BRS, in the distance.   A rare flash photo.
IMG_6508   IMG_6510
Still the middle of the night.   Zesty and Tikka.
IMG_6512   IMG_6513
Allocated seats, £3.00 each way.   Bar Zero, gravity fed.
Butcombe Traditional & Tribute, breakfast.    


But in the same time zone

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