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Newport in the Autumn

And I return to the Murenger

Tiny Rebel Brewfest Cardiff 2017

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In the Autumn Sun

The Finest Craft Ales

The Return Political Trip Photos

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South Wales to Dorchester – 11/09/15

IMG_8806   IMG_8807
It was early and more importantly dry.   Guided by Waze.
IMG_2992   IMG_2993
Dorchester Brewery Square just after Sun Up.   The warning was incorrect.
IMG_2996   IMG_2997
Much too early to check in.   But not too early for coffee.
IMG_2999   IMG_3001
Local Art.   I have a voucher.
IMG_3002   IMG_3006
The Royal Oak, the local Spoons. Friendly and informative Staff.   Local Brewpub. Brewhouse and Kitchen.
IMG_3017   IMG_3022
Tom Browns – Real Ale Pub, free Wifi.   The Blue Raddle – Real Ale Pub, no Wifi.

Times Two

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When it rains

No Bread

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Semi Black Friday

No Chicken Tikka

Waze Stars

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Leaving it a little late in the year.

IMG_8082   IMG_8083
Calm   And quiet
IMG_8084   IMG_8086
Waze in auto night mode   For the memory
IMG_8088   IMG_8090
The long stay at Bristol   #ITM
IMG_8091   IMG_8092
#Jingle   A very easy check in
IMG_8093   IMG_8095
Local festive brew   I’m in the bar

Dry, calm and no frost

Very Emergency Beano – 30/06/201

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What a super crazy week! Boy do I need an emergency beano, even on the weekend. Plus goodbye to Mr Cooper, who has completely the right idea. Anyway, my blogging is mainly about photos, so here they come.

The above is Caerphilly International shot with Pro HDR. It looked like rain but it held off.

Caerphilly BR

Caerphilly Central - 30/06/2012

And this is the Little Prof Land as seen from Cardiff Queen Street Station

The new Cafe Nero – Queens Street

Top end of Queen Street

Top end of Queen Street


There is a new Cafe Nero at the top end of Queen Street. There is an extremely helpful Russian lady behind the counter and the coffee is rather good too!

Large Cappuccino

Large Cappuccino

And then there was the food

Subway - top end of Queen Street

Subway - top end of Queen Street

I need my Chicken Tikka Sub

Chicken Tikka Sub - No Cheese

Chicken Tikka Sub - No Cheese

And so onto the Ernest Willows (Wetherspoons)

The Ernest Willows

The Ernest Willows

Cranberry juice to start

A pint of Cranberry juice

A pint of Cranberry juice

Brecon Brewing – Beacons Gold – A-

Beacons Gold - Brecon Brewing

Beacons Gold - Brecon Brewing

Elgood's – Black Dog – B+

Elgood's - Black Dog

Elgood's - Black Dog

Westons – 2011 Reserve – B+

Westons - 2011 Reserve

Westons - 2011 Reserve

Tyskie – B+

Tyskie - B+

Tyskie - B+


Trains and Brains

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At Christmas

We get what we deserve

Wales Winter. England Not So Much

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Merry Christmas

IMG_4953   IMG_4954
And the hail was hammering   Bristol Airport. Cold but dry
IMG_4956   IMG_4957
Like the last time but colder   Subway and Tikka again
IMG_4958   IMG_4959
I win a mouse mat but the Wifi was rubbish   Not mine but like mine
IMG_4960   IMG_4963
Do you get nectar points with every fill up?   Easy breakfast
IMG_4964   IMG_4966
Not Wales below   Newcastle – The Monument



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