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Brew Monster Taproom – September 2022

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It’s not all about the beers, it’s about the welcome, the ambience and of course the WiFi. This is where the Brew Monster Taproom really scores. Additionally it is in the centre of town with good public transport links. Now if I could only get them to open at 09:00 on a Saturday morning? Well, I can dream. 

Music by AudioCoffee from Pixabay

Brew Monster Caerphilly Taproom – August 2022

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Fast WiFi, good access to Public Transport (when it runs) ands the Finest of Fine Ales. Saturdays from 12:00 and an excellent view into the Brew Hall.  Shadowfax, a Belgian Pale Ale to start, 6.0 ABV and a we3ll deserved B++.  Jinmenju, a Blackberry and Mango Pale Ale, lovely mouthfeel, fruity, full bodied and slightly sour. Really rather good, 4.8% ABV B++.  Hafermann, a Mosiac Cryo Pale Ale weighing in at at 4.1% and very sessionable.  Complex, hoppy, bitter and sweet and very drinkable. Happy B++. 

Well Signed

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Rain and no Costa

Velvet Owl and free WiFi

The Longest Journey To Newport

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RTA in Machen

Via Newbridge and Risca1

Tiny Rebel Brewfest Cardiff 2017

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In the Autumn Sun

The Finest Craft Ales

Day 03 – London 2016

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Needing more Italian craft ales

IMG_6698   IMG_6700
Well played @premierinn   St Pancras
IMG_6702   IMG_6703
Liverpool Street Station   And they are open
IMG_6705   IMG_6707
Bitter drinkers Bitter   For the Chief
IMG_6709   IMG_6710
South of the river   Italian Craft Beer Central
IMG_6711   IMG_6712
Thursday delivery day   Plan B
IMG_6713   IMG_6715
Not cheap   And back to Plan A
IMG_6714   IMG_6717
Gentle sour   Lambic
IMG_6719   IMG_6722
Very complex peat, whiskey cask sour   Moving on to the Waterloo Tap
IMG_6723   IMG_6725
Great selection   Juicebox by Fourpure
IMG_6726   IMG_6727
Waterloo Station   Euston Station

All In The Planning Day

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Caerphilly for Spoons

Cardiff for Mexico and Köln

Missed The Orange Thing

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Spent the afternoon in The Gravity Station

With beers from Flanders, Llantwit Major and Italy

The 2016 @cardiffbrewfest

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With a blue tinge

Craft ruled the day

Only Slightly French

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And Sorrows

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