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Brew Monster – May 2023

14/05/2023 Leave a comment

The sun comes out, the temperature rises and Spring 2023 is really here. If I didn’t have a bus pass, I would have had a free bus journey to Caerphilly. Off to Brew Monster Tap House and watching the world via the mezzanine floor. Three uniques and an extra large T-shirt. Always worth a visit and great staff too. 

Bew Monster in Caerphilly

Brew Monster Caerphilly Taproom – August 2022

07/08/2022 Leave a comment

Fast WiFi, good access to Public Transport (when it runs) ands the Finest of Fine Ales. Saturdays from 12:00 and an excellent view into the Brew Hall.  Shadowfax, a Belgian Pale Ale to start, 6.0 ABV and a we3ll deserved B++.  Jinmenju, a Blackberry and Mango Pale Ale, lovely mouthfeel, fruity, full bodied and slightly sour. Really rather good, 4.8% ABV B++.  Hafermann, a Mosiac Cryo Pale Ale weighing in at at 4.1% and very sessionable.  Complex, hoppy, bitter and sweet and very drinkable. Happy B++. 

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