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Stylised CGI woman porn.  Well worth seeing.
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The Tiki Whippy Buffet

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See the video to the left.  It’s big, so if you haven’t got Broadband, sorry but forget it.  It’s the minus sauce scene.
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Very nearly but not quite.  However the ending didn’t work.
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Rose Nose Day 2007

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It was non stop!!
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Ghost Rider

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Enjoable Sunday night hokum.  Nicolas Cage looking rather old and that hair colour?  Still at least he didn’t get cold.
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Cosford Again

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Well, what a good day.  Thanks you Bev and Debra, here are the planes that I promised.  The V bombers,
all nuclear capable.  Bar next to the Travelodge has free Wifi and is the way forward.  If only the
Tom Tom hadn’t takn me to a Church 🙂
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Statues & Spag Bol

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Both very big in Flanders.
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Of Cats & Cherries

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Liefmans Kriek on draught and the warning is that it is unsweetened. No
matter as the acid cuts straight through the thirst, just site the very
Welsh like weather in Antwerp.

Secondly, De Koninck (The King), Winter Koninck, dark, full of flavour and
warming. Gently sippable and in a wonderful glass. Classical music playing
in the background.

So I wanted to a Geuze ( a mixture of old & young Lambic) and this was the
result Brouwerij Fonteinen Oude Geuze (6% by volume), slightly acidic, as
you would expect and very thirst quenching and should be on Dr Tiki’s
wedding list. Still raining!!

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Brussels Tasting – Day 2 – Part 1

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Back in Brussels and I’m back in the Lambic. Something that I couldn’t get
this morning. Rodenbach Grand Cru, it has a lot more bite than the vanilla
version. At 6% it tastes a little bit like a winter warmer. Very moreish and
ruby red. A relaxing drink.

Again, ignore the glass. Still on the Flemish ales, this time Liefmans
Goudenband – Gold Riband. Smooth and dark, not tasting the 8% by volume that
it is. This should be a sipping ale but it goes down far too smoothly. Comes
in corked, paper covered bottle. For a spring evening, it works.

Now for Wallonia and a Saison, you have to try them to know them. This one,
Saison Dupont, is bottle conditioned. Slightly cloudy and dry, it comes in
at 6.5% by volume. Good for the mildness of global warming.

Echt Kriekenbier, I would guess from the spelling, Flemish. All I can say is
wow, subtle cherry taste, 6.8% and a rather wonderful glass. That’s my lot
for tonight apart from some Belgian chips. Antwerp tomorrow!

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Brussels Tasting – Day 2 – Part 2

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The best country for beer, no doubt.
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