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26/03/2007 Leave a comment
Stylised CGI woman porn.  Well worth seeing.
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The Tiki Whippy Buffet

20/03/2007 Leave a comment
See the video to the left.  It’s big, so if you haven’t got Broadband, sorry but forget it.  It’s the minus sauce scene.
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18/03/2007 Leave a comment
Very nearly but not quite.  However the ending didn’t work.
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Rose Nose Day 2007

18/03/2007 Leave a comment
It was non stop!!
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Ghost Rider

12/03/2007 Leave a comment
Enjoable Sunday night hokum.  Nicolas Cage looking rather old and that hair colour?  Still at least he didn’t get cold.
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Cosford Again

09/03/2007 Leave a comment
Well, what a good day.  Thanks you Bev and Debra, here are the planes that I promised.  The V bombers,
all nuclear capable.  Bar next to the Travelodge has free Wifi and is the way forward.  If only the
Tom Tom hadn’t takn me to a Church 🙂
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Statues & Spag Bol

06/03/2007 Leave a comment
Both very big in Flanders.
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