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Brussels Tasting – Day 2 – Part 1

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Back in Brussels and I’m back in the Lambic. Something that I couldn’t get
this morning. Rodenbach Grand Cru, it has a lot more bite than the vanilla
version. At 6% it tastes a little bit like a winter warmer. Very moreish and
ruby red. A relaxing drink.

Again, ignore the glass. Still on the Flemish ales, this time Liefmans
Goudenband – Gold Riband. Smooth and dark, not tasting the 8% by volume that
it is. This should be a sipping ale but it goes down far too smoothly. Comes
in corked, paper covered bottle. For a spring evening, it works.

Now for Wallonia and a Saison, you have to try them to know them. This one,
Saison Dupont, is bottle conditioned. Slightly cloudy and dry, it comes in
at 6.5% by volume. Good for the mildness of global warming.

Echt Kriekenbier, I would guess from the spelling, Flemish. All I can say is
wow, subtle cherry taste, 6.8% and a rather wonderful glass. That’s my lot
for tonight apart from some Belgian chips. Antwerp tomorrow!

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Brussels Tasting – Day 2 – Part 2

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The best country for beer, no doubt.
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Ostende – Cream & Rain

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It’s a long way to go to Ostende to see two Thomas of Rhondda coaches. No
300 beers as it doesn’t open until 16:30 on Mondays, Argh!! Nevermind as
it’s Rodenbach all the way in one of the many cafes. Lots of cream on the
coffee too.

Despite what it says on the glass it’s Brugge Tripel and while it may look
like a lager, it has a 8.7% bite. It’s a lot lighter than other triples I
have had but with the Herald Tribune & DLT it’s doing the business :-).

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Lambic Evening

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With a Beagle and a Flemish Internet dating couple.

So OK it’s much warmer than this time last year, very spring like. All the
locals are wandering around and enjoying it. Had some local chips from a van
on the way up the hill.

So, they are out of Cantillon Framboise but they have Framboise Girardin and
Framboise Boon. Both are acidic but not as much so as Cantillon. The Boon
(Boon) is dated 2005 and has a more complex taste, it also has it’s own
glass. Both are 5% by volume. A very good start.

Liefmans Kriekbier, a Kriek based on a dark beer instead of a lambic.
Heavier but very pleasant. However my teeth are beginning to get rather
sticky. 6% by volume. The way forward!

Lindemans Pecheresse – peach beer only 2.5% by volume but a rather gentle,
refreshing taste. slightly cloudy but a refreshing taste with a peach after
taste. More forward.

Oude Geuze Boon – The Perfect Marriage. Old & young Lambic. Rather pleasant
aroma but a far better acidic taste that would cut through any thirst. 8% by
volume, a sipping beer.

And Ostende on Monday.

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