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Double Festival – The Video

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Haircuts and cold

The Taff & Big Carl

Double Festival

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Coffee, haircut and Uphill


IMG_4318   IMG_4319
I heart coffee.   Adrian doing a star burst.
IMG_4322   IMG_4323
Caerphilly Castle.   Tikka stop.
IMG_4324   IMG_4325
The Malcolm Uphill.   3 Point 5 – Avery Brewery 3.5% ABV. B+
IMG_4326   IMG_4327
Devil’s Advocate – Caledonian – 4.2% ABV. B+   Waiting for the 120.
IMG_4328   IMG_4329
The Taff looking North.   The Taff looking South.
IMG_4334   IMG_4333
The Rickard Arms – Treforest.   Otley 01 – Otley – 4.0% ABV.  B+
IMG_4331   IMG_4332
The Otley Arms – Treforest.   The Otley Arms – social media to the fore.
IMG_4336   IMG_4338
Raspberry Blonde – Saltaire – 4.0% ABV. B+   Armarill-o – Otley – 4.3% ABV. B+
Big Car.    


Rickard, Otley & Big Carl

Double Tiny–The Pictures

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A Saturday beano


IMG_4278   IMG_4279
Topping up and ready to go.   The dentist in Bedwas, opposite the bus stop.
IMG_4280   IMG_4281
Newport and the start.   The cream is free with the app or card (at least for now).
IMG_4282   IMG_4283
The John Wallace Linton.   PG Steam – B++
IMG_4285   IMG_4287
Old school, Hobby Horse – B+   Rhymney Bitter – B+
IMG_4286   IMG_4289
Essential nutrients with a raw tomato.   The Pen & Wig
IMG_4290   IMG_4292
Billabong – Tiny Rebel – A-   Croeso – Otley – B++
Cwtch – Tiny Rebel – B++    


To round off the week

Double Tiny

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Mainly Newport

All ale

Another Purple Day

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Caerphilly isn’t that bad

Apart from the weather

Autumn In Newport

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It didn’t look bad

And the Tiny Rebel helped too

Backs And Planning

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Gone but not gone

Seats and closed roads


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Not fixed


Looking Up At The Trees

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Forgets the P20

Nose goes red, as does the beer.

Solar Charging

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25 in the sun

iOS 6, not alone

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