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Oct-O-Bar 2019

27/10/2019 Leave a comment

It’s the end of October 2019 and it was time for Oct-O-Bar 2019 at The Otley Arms in Treforest. It rained a lot and there was flooding. However the Ales were Fine and they were all cask. CAMRA members turned out too. Good times and Mary showed up too.

Darker, Colder and GMT

26/10/2019 Leave a comment

The last day of British Summer Time. Colder, darker, wetter and 10.5 TOG. Oct-O-Bar at the Otley and more Onion planting #SaturdayWrap

Double Festival – The Video

28/10/2012 Leave a comment

Haircuts and cold

The Taff & Big Carl

Double Festival

27/10/2012 Leave a comment

Coffee, haircut and Uphill


IMG_4318   IMG_4319
I heart coffee.   Adrian doing a star burst.
IMG_4322   IMG_4323
Caerphilly Castle.   Tikka stop.
IMG_4324   IMG_4325
The Malcolm Uphill.   3 Point 5 – Avery Brewery 3.5% ABV. B+
IMG_4326   IMG_4327
Devil’s Advocate – Caledonian – 4.2% ABV. B+   Waiting for the 120.
IMG_4328   IMG_4329
The Taff looking North.   The Taff looking South.
IMG_4334   IMG_4333
The Rickard Arms – Treforest.   Otley 01 – Otley – 4.0% ABV.  B+
IMG_4331   IMG_4332
The Otley Arms – Treforest.   The Otley Arms – social media to the fore.
IMG_4336   IMG_4338
Raspberry Blonde – Saltaire – 4.0% ABV. B+   Armarill-o – Otley – 4.3% ABV. B+
Big Car.    


Rickard, Otley & Big Carl

Sunny and Sleepy

12/06/2011 Leave a comment

Ponty was looking good

I slept through it, mostly

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